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Steve vs Joe 2 is the 2016 April Fools battle. It was the sequel to Steve vs Joe, and it featured former Blues Clues host, Steve, battling against his brother and former Blues Clues host, Joe. It was released on April 1, 2016.

Cast Edit

Justin Buckner as Joe

SuperThingsOnCups as Steve Burns

Yobar as Mr. Salt and Ms. Pepper

Zombielicker as Mailbox

Zander Kanack as Blue

TruthBrood as Magenta

Lauren Flans (ERB stock footage) as Ellen Degeneres (Cameo)

Multi as Steven Spengler (Cameo)

Lyrics Edit


Yo it's Steve Burns and I'm coming in hot

Blue's Clues sucks now a bit? No a lot

Even if I won you'll be wondering how

Your face will be like Magenta and Blue, Boom Kapow

I'll rub your butt and make a wish like a genie ass

Uh...uh...YOU'RE A GENIUS! 

I look fly in my green and white striped shirt, BITCH

Wait a second...*looks down at shirt* AW FUCK! GODDAMMIT! SHIT!


If you don't shut up now then I'd like to know when

You got a fast rap last time, so here's my r-r-r-revenge

(fast rap)

Oh hey it's Joe, gonna rap so fast you wont be able to tolerate it

You got played by Hunter Tolliver in the last battle bitch, that's some weird shit

Because he's not around anymore, now he's got some goddamn old nudes

Stay away from little kids and shit, that's some weird shit, I bet you show them your nudes

Now I'm gonna FLIP THE FUCK OUT all over your ass and it'll be really uncalled for

Just like you added some extra characters to a Death Note battle I suggested, you whore

(regular rap)

I have to admit bro, your show's been pretty shitty

Since you left for some titties in Liberty City


Hey, can I have some nudes like my original body actor?

I gotta leave for college just like my original body actor


Thank you Steve, that was a fucking horrible presentation

Now I'll show you that I'm loved around the nation


Well, there's more episodes with me than you so you'd better be crying

I'm calling in Salt and Pepper to make you totally dying

Mr. Salt and Ms. PepperEdit

Mr. Salt: Haha! It's the best condiments here to make you weep!

Mrs. Pepper: Push it real good, like the super bad guys in side of ye!

Mr. Salt: Let's talk about sex baby! Wait, wrong Salt and Pepper!

Both: You cannot step to us because we are much better!


Sounds like you're a bit salty, hue hue hue

And also a bit peppery, you're a jew jew jew

It's a CLUE! Time for male time, bitch! Suck my balls

I was gonna say you won but I FOOLED YOU ALL

(fast rap)

Yo, my rhymes are spitting fast out the butt!

And Salt and Pepper, you said what?

I'm the best, I'm banging on my chest

I don't even have a chest, so lick my breast

I don't even have a breast, so lick my Shovel and Pail

(regular rap)

You. Are. An epic fail.


Yo, it's the blue paint that's always on the carpet

'Bout to kick your ass like it was a sparta kick


Oh god! Please don't put me in another rap vid!

I don't want to be a porn star, you fucking pieces of shits!


Now wait a sucky second, all of you are fast rapping

But I'm the OG jew fast rapper, so please stop crapping

Steve will sparta kick you down a notch, 'cause this is Blues Clues

I bet you can't even handle my mangina, so suck my penis you JEW

(fast rap)

Sooo now it's time for my fast rap, I'm Steve Burns bitch

Gonna make you all Ben Drowned, and please suck my jewish clit

Oh wait I'm a male human being who does not have a vagina

You immigrated fucks, go back to jewish china

??? I'm a wonder, I'm on Ellen, wait that's Steve Spengler

Better go watch out for your dog, jew, Imma hang her

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