Basic Information Edit

Joseph Todd Greenwell AKA 0007JoeG (born January 27

Joe G as of 2015
Actor Information
Birth name Joseph Greenwell
Nickname(s) 0007joeg
Born January 27th, 1999
YouTube Channel 0007joeg
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Appearance Information
Appeared In Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson
As Harry Potter

, 1999) is a YouTuber who makes video skits on his his 0007joeg channel, he also does music on his middlegroup YouTube channel. He has appeared in two ERBParodies. He started a Series called Epic Youtuber Rap Battles, which only had 2 battles.

Trivia Edit

  • He was the first ERBP guest star as well as one of the few not to rap in a currently "official" battle.

Appearances: Edit

Harry Potter (Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson)

Mikhail Barishnikov (Rasputin vs Stalin. ERBParodies VERSION) on ERBParodies2 channel.

Sheldon Cooper (Sheldon Cooper vs. Doctor Who) (UNRELEASED)

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