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Abe:Your cold you thing!I am a king you stalker,Your looking at your own show,BIGFOOT!.Bigfoot:Your know for artistic feminisam you big beard freak we battling it out to see who is more loyal!You make the Asian people seem more fancy your a piece of feces you mice,Your a prime timer,yo!Abe:Ryback Gorilla! You make me look shadey I am gonna tell the liar is you!Johnny Bravo freak-a-lovie!To:The hairy freak From:The Honesty man!Bigfoot;Let's get straight your a freak with hair so,long I could stick it up your rear!Abe:Oh your own you amazon freak!Looking 6 feet tall!You a dumb lttle freak with a pistol!Carl segan:OW!.Abe:with a hair like that I am yours truly you,the honest son of a bitch!Bigfoot:Your a fucker and you know it,bitch!Abe:YOU...What?!Bigfoot:What the hell!?.George:Your a rights leader!Your a four score!Yours truly,bitches!Annocuer;Who won who is next you decide!.Trivia:This is the first battle,with also the fist presidents in a battle and myth or legend in battle.This is the only battle so far with with red sepia screen effect!Carl segan appears this may hint that he might be in another battle!.

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