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Adrian Monk battled Phoenix Wright in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 21. He was played by Froggy

Froggy as Adrian Monk

Character InformationEdit

Adrian Monk is a former homicide detective from the SFPD. He was forced to leave the police because of his obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which was severely intensified by the death of his wife. He currently works as a consultant for the SFPD. His character was loosely based on Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot.

Who the Rapper is based upon.


Verse 1:Edit

Here's the thing; I'm all set to kick this sorry man's rear
I've solved over a hundred cases since I started my career
You yell everything, you should've been fired on the spot
Unless I'm wrong about all this; which, you know, I'm not
Your messy porcupine hair could poke out someone's eye
Just stay in your little office; it's a jungle outside
When it comes to lawyers, Garrett Price was far more effective
Here's what happened, Mr. Wright; you crossed the wrong detective

Verse 2:Edit

Here's what happened – I mean, here's what REALLY happened
You came after me, Nick, thinking you could beat me at rapping
But you forgot about a crucial piece of evidence
That crossover isn’t released in North America, when announced back in 2010
You made your debut on the DS; a piece of BS
My show was on ABC and ran for eight whole seasons
You were disbarred from practicing law because of a forged letter
Yet my job continues, so give up now; you'll thank me later

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