Augustus Gloop will appear in Jay Gatsby vs Christian Grey. He will be portrayed by Mathew (SuperThingsOnCups) and he will battle six other sins.

Confirmed by WoodenHornets.

Information on the rapper Edit

Introduced in the opening pages of the book as "a greedy boy", Augustus Gloop is the first person to find a Golden Ticket. He hails from Dusselheim, Germany in the 1971 film, and Düsseldorf, Germany in the 2005 film. His mother takes great pride in his gluttonous eating and seems to enjoy the attention of the media. In the novel and both films, he is portrayed as "enormously fat". Augustus is the first child to be removed from the tour: While drinking from the Chocolate Room’s chocolate river, he falls into the river and is drawn through a pipe to the factory's Fudge Room, and his parents are sent to fetch him from the mixing-machine. In the book, he is seen leaving the factory, having lost most of his weight, and covered in melted chocolate.

In the 1971 film, although he eats constantly, he has decent table manners, is not as obese as portrayed in the book and is polite to Charlie and the other finalists. He expresses concern over the cost of Wonka's operation, suggesting that he is an expert on economics. He is portrayed by Michael Bollner in this film.

In the 2005 film, Augustus is always shown consuming chocolate. He is aloof and cruel towards Charlie in the one instance when they interact, as he offers him a Wonka Bar as they are walking towards the entrance to the Chocolate Room and then retracts it. As in the book, he is shown leaving the factory toward the end of the story; but in this film, is still licking his fingers to remove the adherent chocolate. The actor, Philip Wiegratz, wore a fat suit instead of gaining weight on his own terms for the production.

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