DH Films    
DH Films
DH Films
Actor Information
Birth name David Hrusovsky
Nickname(s) DH Films
Born February 15
YouTube Channel [1]
Physical description
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Appearance Information
Appeared In Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack
As Polybius
Christmas VS Hanukkah01:21

Christmas VS Hanukkah. Epic Rap Battles of History Parody 2

Harry Potter VS Luke Skywalker Epic Rap Battles of History 102:23

Harry Potter VS Luke Skywalker Epic Rap Battles of History 1


David Hrusovsky (Born February 15th 2001), David met all of the ERBP crew on Facebook. After an incident, he sharply ruined his chances of joining the team. He noticed on Justin's status that he need someone to subtitles for Freddy Krueger vs Jason Voorhees. He quickly offered to make them. After the battle's release  After a while he gained rank in ERBP as time went on. He is now ERBP's official subtitle maker, and eventually got a role as Polybius.

Appeared in Edit


  1. Luke Skywalker VS Harry Potter
  2. Christmas VS Hanukkah


  • He is the youngest ERBP member to make the subtitles.
  • He was probobly the dominant writer for Oliver Twist vs Richie Rich since he is the only person in ERBP to see the 1968 Oliver! adaptation.
  • In Luke vs Harry he has made a famous line that goes "EVEN HAN SOLO IS A RAPPER THAN YOU!!!". That line has been mentioned in multiple battles such as Dakota vs Michael 2 and Squidward vs. Batman.
  • He also has an odd obbsession with online Indie games. Like Panaramio, (which has been also featured on the ERBP April Fools Special.) BeGone, and Ratz Instagïb.
  • He, Matteo, Nathan Provost, and RLYoshi are the only 3 in the ERBP community to wear glasses.

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