Actor Information
Birth name Dakota Wilson
YouTube Channel Deleted
Physical description
Hair Blond
Eyes Brown
Appearance Information
Appeared In Varies
As Varies

Dakota Wilson is DarkLink4749.


Criminal (cameo in Vault Boy vs Cole Phelps 2)

Slender Man (video in Slenderman vs Jeff The Killer)

BEN Drowned (Slenderman vs Jeff The Killer)

Costco Employee (video in Walmart vs Target)

Death (video in L vs Light)

iHop Manager (cameo in M. Night Shyamalan vs Ed Wood)

The Skin Taker (Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack)

Trivia Edit

  • DarkLink was originally going to play as Link in Dovahkiin vs Link but the crew scrapped it and let Cam Link. The video is on YouTube on their second account, however.
  • When he was credited as the iHop Manager he was referred to as darkstink for some disagreements in the skype calls.
  • He was fired for false flagging videos.
  • B-Lo Lorbes had made a video rapping about Dakota.
  • A caricature of him was in STOC's Jared S vs Icekingfan400 2 being one of the many rappers in the video along with MrMaplesyrup and Michael Currenti.
  • He is the first and so far only member of the community to be in the special category of faggot.

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