Dakota Wilson, also known as DarkLink4749, was an American rapper and YouTuber who was once in the rap battle community. He had his own, now lost series called Epic Triforce Rap Battles. He made a few guest appearances in other rap battle series before leaving the community due to having many disagreements with the other members. These days, he is known as a joke due to his nasally, incredibly bored rapping style. He is called "Darkstink" as a joke and many people such as B-Lo Lorbes in his shout-out video quickly go over his name to avoid discussing him.

Roles Edit

  • Criminal (cameo)
  • Slenderman (video, ERBP 23 only)
  • BEN Drowned
  • Costco Employee (video)
  • Death (video)
  • The Skin Taker