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Matt:Hey,dorks!Yes you I made Papa Louie all by myself!I made everything even the taco,s!Tony:Well,no Matt I helped you,I made the voices even though there was no voices!Darth vader even brags!I made every Matt so bag it up and hit a sack!Matt:I made everything I guess!I made everything so suck up,man,I made everything!So,sing it sloopy!Roy:I made myself happy,Freak!!But,y,all made me depreses!I hate the games!I am just picking!Matt:Now,that,s why I deserve!Yo,daddy made you a freak so, suck up to me is not gonna work!Timm:NO!.Tony:Well,fine then!Everybody likes just for money,That is!Sing this freind!Johnny:The lumberjack checking motherfucker!I hate the rhymes,Matt!.I hate it how you do it all!Yo,freshies going home.Tony:Brg about it freak!So,monkey up!And suck the brain!Who won!This is part 1!So,guys on November 29th I will make the Part 2!

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