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Jesse James vs Al Capone01:51

Jesse James vs Al Capone. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 36

"Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History" is a series created by HarryPotter2875.


  1. Leif Eriksson vs Christopher Columbus
  2. Alexander the Great vs Richard Nixon
  3. Issac Newton vs Galileo
  4. Charles Dickens & Scrooge vs Dr Seuss & Grinch
  5. Vincent Van Gogh vs Picasso
  6. Mozart vs Jimi Hendrix
  7. Socrates vs JK Rowling
  8. Thomas Edison vs Alfred Nobel
  9. Amelia Earhart vs Charles Lindbergh
  10. Winston Churchill vs FDR
  11. Lewis & Clark vs Livingstone & Stanley
  12. Custer vs George S Patton
  13. Ben Franklin vs Leonardo Da Vinci
  14. King Tut vs Emperor Nero
  15. Vlad the Impaler vs Ivan the Terrible
  16. George III vs Caligula
  17. Mark Twain vs Oscar Wilde
  18. Boudicca vs William Wallace
  19. Muhammad Ali vs Jackie Robinson
  20. Tycho Brahe vs Neil Armstrong
  21. The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones
  22. Blackbeard vs Ferdinand Magellan
  23. King Henry VIII vs Hillary Clinton
  24. Fidel Castro vs Julius Caesar
  25. Paul Revere vs Benedict Arnold
  26. Marie Antoinette vs Louis XVI
  27. Confucius vs Nostradamus
  28. Robert E Lee vs Ulysses Grant
  29. Anne Frank vs Erwin Rommel
  30. Richard the Lionheart vs Saladin
  31. Lewis Carroll vs Ernest Hemingway
  32. Henry Ford vs Alexander Graham Bell
  33. John Wilkes Booth vs Lee Harvey Oswald
  34. Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin
  35. Mao Zedong vs Otto Von Bismarck
  36. Jesse James vs Al Capone
  37. Adam Smith vs Karl Marx
  38. Alfred Hitchcock vs Charlie Chaplin
  39. Hernen Cortes vs Montezuma
  40. Betsy Ross vs Francis Scott Key
  41. Homer vs Dante
  42. Harry Houdini vs Barnum and Bailey
  43. Joan of Arc vs William the Conueror
  44. George Washington vs John Adams
  45. Mary Shelley vs Bram Stroker
  46. James Cook vs Marco Polo
  47. Che Guevara vs Simon Bolivar
  48. Watson and Crick vs Rosalind Franklin
  49. Aaron Burr vs Alexander Hamilton
  50. Bob Marley vs Kurt Cobain
  51. Attila the Hun vs Hannibal
  52. St. Nicholas vs Jesus Christ
  53. Jim Thorpe vs Pele
  54. Andy Warhol vs Michelangelo
  55. Harriet Tubman vs Rosa Parks
  56. Yuri Gagarin vs Jacques Cousteau
  57. Johannes Gutenberg vs Charles Babbage
  58. H. P. Lovecraft vs J. R. R. Tolkein
  59. Hirohito vs Benito Mussolini
  60. Guy Fawkes vs Claus von Stauffenberg
  61. Hans Christian Andersen vs The Brothers Grimm


Only 9 characters used in EFMRBoH are fictional, but only one breaks the rule (Scrooge, The Grinch, Harry Potter, Dracula, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Bilbo Baggins, and Cthulu were spawned by their creators; Santa Claus is a fictional icon based off St. Nicholas; Ash Ketchum was used for a remake of an old battle, and he only used him because he couldn't think of a better match-up for Charles Darwin).

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