Cameron Greely as Eyedea

Eyedea battled Macklemore, Eminem, Andy Milonakis, Mac Miller, Kid Rock, and Tupac Shakur in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 14. He was played by VideoGameRapBattles.

Information on the RapperEdit

Micheal Larsen (November 9, 1981 – October 16, 2010), better known by his stage name Eyedea, was a well-known freestyle battle champion and underground rapper.

His notable wins included a victory at Scribble Jam (1999) and the televised Blaze Battle sponsored by HBO (2000). He had appeared as a solo artist under the pseudonym Oliver Hart, and as the MC half of the duo Eyedea & Abilites (along with longtime friend and collaborator DJ Abilities). His non-battle rhymes were generally philosophically or thematically based, and often told a definite narrative.


Verse 1:Edit

Hahaha! Back from the dead, the Monsters Inside were released.

Upon whom the rapper is based

By the end, not even you, Eminem, you won't Dream, you'll be deceased.

I'm the God of freestyle, you're reading scripts to try and diss,

You bring my Purest Disgust, you and your writers get me pissed.

I'm the best kind, teach you a lesson, We Ain't Fessin', 

Missin' By A Mile, blindly firin', you made my rhymes the best medicine.

I got Abilities on my side, Big Macklemore try not to cry.

I'd say I'm sorry, but Rockstars Don't Apologize.

Slim Shady's just another joke, no one knows who's the real him.

And what the hell's a Milonakis? Never heard of ya', double chin.

You've sinned against a savior, hope the Lord's gonna be willing to free ya',

Just remember you can kill the man, but not the Eyedea.

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