Eyeless JackEdit

It's Eyeless Jack here, and I'm back for revenge

(Eyeless Jack appeared before in Slender Man vs Jeff The Killer, he is back to get revenge.)

I'll murder all these verses like I did to all my friends!

(Eyeless Jack is going to destroy Laughing Jack's verses just like he killed his friends.)

I’ll blister this mister jester, you’re nothing but a cloud wisp.

(Laughing Jack is a clown, or jester, and he is nothing compared to Eyeless Jack, and Eyeless Jack is saying that he will burn Laughing Jack with rhymes, causing Laughing Jack to get blisters.)

I couldn’t stand to see your story, and I’m absolutely Eyeless.

(Eyeless Jack obviously has no eyes, so he isn't able to see Laughing Jack's creepypasta, or story. He doesn't even need to read it to know it's awful.)

Now I'll wear my mask again like it was a masquerade.

(A masquerade is a party where people wear the kind of masks similar to what Eyeless Jack wears, and Jack is saying that he'll put his mask on as if he was at one of those. In Laughing Jack's origin story, Isaac fashions a masquerade-type mask for his own murderous career.)

Better quit your laughing, cause I'm about to jack your fame!

(Eyeless Jack is about to steal Laughing Jack's fame. Eyeless Jack is making a pun off of both of their names.)

My flows are darker than the void in my heart and eyes.

(Eyeless Jack has black voids where his eyes should be. It is said that killers have a hole or void in their hearts, since if they didn't they wouldn't be killing innocent people. Eyeless Jack is saying he has no heart.)

Even with your clown cousin, Ronald, victory would still be mine!

(Eyeless Jack says that Laughing Jack is cousins with Ronald McDonald, mascot of the fast food chain McDonalds, who is obviously semi-known for being relatively creepy.)

Laughing JackEdit

All around the mulberry bush, the clown chased the blind man.

(This is a parody of the children's song "Pop Goes the Weasel". As Laughing Jack's full name is Laughing Jack-In-The-Box, and Laughing Jack is an actual Jack in the Box, the tune Pop goes the Weasel would play before he pops out of his box. Needless to say, Laughing Jack abandoned the box. Laughing Jack is a clown, and Eyeless Jack had his eye sockets cauterized with hot tar, so he would be a blind man.)

With a weird eating disorder, dude, stop eating those hands!

(Eyeless Jack eats human organs, which Laughing Jack is saying is strange. Eating disorders are when people want to eat strange or inedible things, so Laughing Jack thinks that Eyeless Jack must have some sort of weird eating disorder.)

I'm going ham, squeezing your ass until Pop Goes the Weasel

(Again Laughing Jack parodies Pop Goes the Weasel. Laughing Jack will squeeze Eyeless Jack until he pops. Laughing Jack could also be talking about Eyeless Jack shitting his pants, which one would normally do when scared. Hence the use of the word "ass".)

I'll maniacally take you down, eyeless man, I'm pure evil!

(Eyeless Jack may be a killer, but Laughing Jack is pure evil, and he is going to take him down, or defeat him.)

I bring pain! You'll go insane just like my playmate Isaac.

(Laughing Jack will inflict enough pain on Eyeless Jack to drive him completely insane. Laughing Jack was originally created as the imaginary friend of a boy named Isaac. When Isaac was an adult, he became a serial murderer who actually created a room with everything in it being covered in human flesh. Laughing Jack saw everything that Isaac did, and learned how to kill from it. Also, in the final moments before Laughing Jack delivered the coup de grace to Isaac, Isaac went insane. )

Before you get kicked, smacked with a brick, and a mouthful of ticks!

(After driving Eyeless Jack insane, Laughing Jack will kick him, hit him with a brick, and shove ticks into his mouth.)

You see how dope I'm flowing? Oops! I guess not.

(Again, Eyeless Jack has no eyes, so he couldn't see how good Laughing Jack is at rapping.)

I'll break into your home, trash your rooms, and leave a dead dog!

(In his pasta, Laughing Jack did exactly this to the house of James, the child that he was stalking at the time.)

Eyeless JackEdit

This Dumbo given by angels’ about to get back some pain.

(Eyeless Jack is saying that Laughing Jack is stupid and about to feel some pain. Laughing Jack was originally given to Isaac as a gift from angels so that Isaac could have a friend, and Laughing Jack has never truly had any challenge in killing his victims, so Eyeless Jack will give him back some pain or mutilate him as explained in the next line.)

I'll end you harder than that little kid you maimed, remember James?

(By the end of Laughing Jack's pasta, the kid he killed, James, has been horrifically mutilated. Eyeless Jack is going to hurt Laughing Jack even more than that.)

You're dressed as an emo mime, while I've got vicious battle rap attacks

(Both emos and mimes are mocked, so Eyeless Jack is saying Laughing Jack looks like both of them combined, due to his black and white clothing, with black clothing being commonly associated with emos and black and white clothing being associated with mimes. Meanwhile, Eyeless Jack has powerful raps suitable for a battle.)

Cut you no slack, I'm making a comeback, you'll remember Eyeless Jack!

(Eyeless Jack cuts his victims open, so he will cut Laughing Jack no slack. He is making a comeback, and Laughing Jack will remember him for it.)

Laughing JackEdit

I may be a clown, but this time I'm not joking.

(Clowns usually joke around, but Laughing Jack is dead serious now.)

It'll be a pleasure to nail you to the wall and cut you wide open.

(Laughing Jack is going to kill Eyeless Jack by nailing his limbs to the wall and cutting him lengthwise. This is the same manner in which he left James, the aforementioned child on the brink of death.)

I'm dispersing these rhymes so hot, they'll make you descend.

(Laughing Jack's rhymes are so hot that they will make Eyeless Jack feel as though he is in Hell, and thusly decsend down into the actual Hell.)

Why don't you leave this battle now and go jack off to BEN?

(Apparently, a better thing to do with Eyeless Jack's time is to jack off, or masturbate, to BEN, a well known creepypasta. It is also another pun on the word "jack", which both of them share as their names.)

The ObserverEdit

It's the Observer, hacking in this war between two fools!

(The battle between Eyeless Jack and Laughing Jack supposedly ends until the Observer interrupts the battle by hacking.The Observer is saying that both Eyeless and Laughing Jack are fools. The Observer is well-known for hacking, having hacked Noah's YouTube channel and Twitter several times.)

You bitches never learn, but I'm going to leave you two schooled!

(The two Jacks always do the same thing, never learning, while the Observer can mix it up once in a while. When he's done, the Jacks will actually know how to rap, as he will school them. This is a play on words between learn and school, and leaving them schooled will mean defeating them)

I've been observing, leave you burning, before this next rhyme,

(The Observer has, obviously, been observing the two Jacks. He will set them on fire before he rhymes again.)

and I'll be swerving, even murdering, your tribes twelve times!

(The Observer is from a YouTube channel called TribeTwelve, where he stalks Noah, the series protagonist. )

You could never find me with these bombs that I'm dropping,

("Dropping bombs" is occasionally used to refer to harsh dissing, which is what the Observer is doing. In TribeTwelve, Noah usually doesn't find the Observer unless he wants him to, so the Jacks would never be able to find him.)

Trying to fight me is useless, I'll always be forever watching.

(There is no use in trying to fight the Observer. He'll just keep on watching like he always has.)

Okay you two, let's say what today we've learned.

(The Observer is asking the Jacks what they've learned from his raps, which will be explained in the next line. This also goes back to his second line where he tells them that he will leave them both 'schooled'.)

How many Jacks does it take to know you cannot defeat the Observer?

(This starts out sounding like he is asking "How many Jacks does it take to defeat the Observer?". However, he is really asking how many of them it would take to realize they could not defeat him, since no amount of opponents could out-rap the Observer. The Observer's text turns red at the end of this line.)

Just like my friend Noah, I'll leave your brain melting.

(To "melt faces" is to amaze an audience with one's raps. The Observer's raps are so good that melted not just Noah's face, but his brain as well. He is going to do the same to the Jacks.)

I interrupted your verses because I found them repelling!

(The Observer's third video is posted in the middle of a livestream. His first words are "AMIINTURRUPTING? WELLTOOBAD". Similarly, the Observer was not supposed to be in this battle; he hacked his way in during the middle of it. He also listened to the Jacks' verses and found both of them repelling. Note that the Observer writes with no spaces and all caps during his videos rather than speaking.)

Your souls will be mine after I feast on your asses.

(One of the Observer's jobs is to gather souls for his "keeper", the Tall One ( Slenderman). He will steal the Jacks' souls for him after he destroys them.)

None of you punks are even prepared for when I take off my glasses!

(At the end of his second hacked video, the Observer unexpectedly removed his glasses to reveal a single monochrome eye in the center of his face. He does the same now.)

Ticci TobyEdit

They call me Ticci Toby, not that you'd c-care that much.

(Ticci Toby is announcing his entrance. People usually say "not that you'd care that much" because they want to be proven wrong. In depictions of Ticci Toby, he generally makes comments about how people don't really care about him. Ticci Toby is not extremely famous, although neither are Laughing Jack and The Observer.)

Once I'm done talking to myself, I'll blow steam on you punks.

(Ticci-Toby listens to voices inside his head, and says that after he has a talk with those voices, he'll likely burn them alive. The second part of the line would likely also refer to his goggles since they are relative steampunk attire.)

You think you're creepy, this twitching kid don't give two shits.

(The others all think they're creepy, but Ticci Toby doesn't even care about them.)

I'll kill you all off and feed you to the ticks!

(Ticci Toby will kill all of them and leave them in the forest for ticks to eat. This is also making a pun off the fact that tic and tick are homophones.)

Stop acting like you're hot when you're colder than the rain.

(The others all act like they're "hot", or cool and popular, but they really are the opposite of these things.)

How can you damage me? I'm fucking immune to all pain!

(Ticci Toby was biologically immune to pain ever since he was born due to his many disorders, so it would be impossible for the others to make him hurt.)

Don't even try to diss me, or your lives will be at stake.

(If anyone tries to rap against Ticci Toby, he will kill them.)

You picking on the retarded kid is the last mistake you'll ever make!

(Ticci Toby was picked on in school for his Tourette's Syndrome, and the kids were even responsible for his nickname. However, a much better wording could have been chosen; Tourette's, despite being a brain disorder, is not a developmental disorder, so Ticci Toby is not in fact retarded.)


Herobrine has joined to disconnect you from your dicks.

(Herobrine is announcing his entrance. He will castrate the other four with his sword.)

I'm pulling out my diamond sword to leave all your throats slit!

(Herobrine will use his sword to slit the throats of his opponents.)

You two Jackoffs should just piss off, you'll experience your End with me,

(Herobrine is making another reference to masturbating, as well as making a pun to the names of Eyeless Jack and Laughing Jack. Minecraft contains a dimension known as the End, so Herobrine is making a pun off of this when he tells the two Jacks he will kill them.)

,and all I can observe from this antisocial brat is an Enderman wannabe.

(Herobrine is calling the Observer a brat and an Enderman wannabe. An Enderman is a creature from Minecraft that was inspired by Slenderman. Because Slenderman is the Observer's master, Herobrine is making a joke that the Observer would want to be an Enderman. Endermen are also very similar in appearance to The Observer, being completely black with two eyes, implying that The Observer stole their appearance.)

Please, these cheesy teases of terror should've known they can't take this.

(Herobrine is calling the other four cheesy, and is saying they can't resist his rapping.)

I'll cause heart attacks, nightmares, death, and I'll do it all in eight bits!

(Herobrine is saying he'll do terrible things to the other four and anyone who sees him. Minecraft, contrary to popular belief, is actually a 16-bit game, but it contains an 8-bit filter that is applied during this line.)

Don't try to take on my blank eyes, this Swede will be the last contender.

(Herobrine is well-known for not having irises or pupils. A popular theory suggests he is the dead brother of Notch, the creator of Minecraft. Notch is Swedish, so by extension Herobrine would probably be Swedish as well.)

Wherever you're suffering you know I'll be watching in the short render.

(Herobrine is said to appear in the Tiny render distance on peaceful. If the other four are suffering, they should know Herobrine is at the very least watching them, if not making them suffer.)

The Midnight Man's chorusEdit

DON'T turn on the lights during the Midnight Game.

DO NOT use a flashlight during the Midnight Game.

DO NOT go to sleep during the Midnight Game, and

DON'T attempt to use another's blood in your name!

(At the end of the Midnight Game pasta, a list of warnings are given, including: DO NOT turn any of the lights on during the Midnight Game. DO NOT use a flashlight during the Midnight Game. DO NOT go to sleep during the Midnight Game. DO NOT attempt to use another person's blood on your name. DO NOT use a lighter as a substitute for a candle. It will not work. AND DEFINITELY DO NOT attempt to provoke the Midnight Man in ANY WAY.)

The Midnight ManEdit

If you think you're gonna beat me, you're lost in your dreams.

(The Midnight Game is played at a time when most people are asleep, or dreaming. Midnight Man also has the ability to create hallucination, meaning that he his created the hallucination of the other Pastas that makes them think they can beat the Midnight Man.)

Purifying crappypastas like you is just ritual for me.

(All six competitors are creepypastas, but the Midnight Man makes a pun by saying that the others are actually crappy, thus, crappypastas.  He is implying that he will make all of the stories of these characters much better, thus purifying them.  He also makes a pun on ritual purification, and himself, as it takes a ritual to summon him.)

Walk your little game, Herobrine. I bask in the tears of the damned.

(The theory that Herobrine is Notch's dead brother may well mean that his spirit is damned to wander, or walk, the land of Minecraft forever. The Midnight Man feels good in the tears that Herobrine would be crying.)

I'm an embodiment of faith. Your fate's in my hands.

(The Midnight Game was used as a punishment for those who disobeyed a Pagan religion. The Midnight Man only appears when the game is being played, so it could be said that the Midnight Man would be an embodiment of the faith, sent to harm those who disobeyed it.)

Take a blood sample, make a case of the proxy behind the screen.

(The Midnight Game involves putting at least one drop of your blood onto a paper with your name written on it, so this could be a blood sample. The Observer is a minion, or proxy, of Slenderman. He also appears on Youtube, meaning that he's hiding behind the screen of the video rather than actually appearing out in real life.)

You can't see, I'll be cackling at the deaths of these teens.

(Possibly a reference that bored teenagers are more likely to play his game, or a reference to the 2013 Midnight Game movie, which is based on the original creepypasta and was not well-reviewed.)

Until the clock strikes twelve, you're in my realm, no escape.

(The Midnight Game cannot be stopped in the middle, so there's no escape. However, the Midnight Game begins at twelve, and does not actually end until 3:33 A.M.. A better line would be: "Once the clock strikes twelve...)

Darkness you can't handle, light your candle, pray for the day.

(The only light source allowed during the Midnight Game is a candle. Using any other light source is absolutely prohibited. Even people who played the game willingly would probably pray for the day out of fear.)

Richard Van BurenEdit

Are you feeling lonely? Then come visit my site.

(Richard Van Buren is from a creepypasta called Normal Porn for Normal People, but is not actually mentioned in that story. He is the owner of the website, which had little connection to porn. (There is actually a site called, which despite not containing the original videos, does contain some very weird content that would have fit.) Porn sites are stereotypically frequented by lonely people who can't get a girl/boyfriend.)

I'm not afraid of two Jacks, an Observer and Midnight.

(Van Buren doesn't care if any of the other six visit his website, since he's not afraid of them.)

I'm as crazy as an ape on this track, just check the links.

(The final video on the site is useless.avi, an 18-minute video where a figure suspected to be Van Buren himself sends a chimpanzee into a room to devour a woman. The eating is in full view of the camera. The videos were posted with random links on the site.)

You'll get more than you bargained for when you come for the kinx.

("Kinx" is another word for porn. The narrator of the pasta came to the site for the porn, and was not prepared for what he found.)

I'll perform a seance to tell this moose that he's just useless.

(Van Buren says that Ticci Toby looks like a moose, and should die like the woman in useless.avi. Ticci Toby is dancing to Van Buren's music during this line.)

Any attack from a hack and his Jacked friends on me is fruitless.

(Herobrine was originally made through a hack, so he is the hack in this line. He could also be referring to the Observer, as he hacked Noah's Youtube videos, and he was the first Pasta to appear after Eyeless Jack and Laughing Jack. Also, his raps were so weak that Van Buren thought the two Jacks were his friends. Any attack by them is useless.)

When you find my site you'll be tongue tied like when I rap and diss.

(tonguetied.avi is another video on Van Buren's site. The final half of the video is silent, and to be tongue tied is to be too excited or shocked to speak. The others are too shocked by his raps, and the website he runs, to speak.)

This staticky kid's so lonely, I bet he would try to fap to this!

(It is unclear who this is referencing, but it is most likely the Observer. He had a staticky background, and he is of a typical demographic to view porn. This would make him masturbate, or "fap".)

SCP AgentEdit

SCPs 106 and 87 have escaped! Keep a lookout for bo- (cracking)

(The SCP agent is alerting the rest of the site that the two SCPs have broken containment. Technically, he should have said "Oh-Eight-Seven" instead of "Eighty-Seven", but this is a minor detail.)


Welcome to the never-ending staircase of Hell!

(SCP-087 is a staircase that appears to never end. It is second in popularity only to SCP-173. SCP-087-1 is a being that appears within the stairwell.)


When I'm released from my cell, you know your lives won't end well!

(SCP-106 is considered extremely dangerous and is far more powerful than 087-1. Elaborate cautions have been designed to keep him in his cell, and anyone who gets near him, including the other seven, is effectively in a death sentence.)


There's no lights, so you're in for a treat.

(SCP-087 has no lights, and SCP-087-1 actively attempts to destroy light sources.)


We're the most uncontainable freaks since 173!

(SCP-173 is the most famous SCP, and 087-1 and 106 are the most uncontainable ones since it. \Also, SCP-173 appeared in an earlier, Slenderman VS Jeff the Killer.)


There's a baby down here; don't you want him to be safe?

(SCP-087 appears to have a baby crying, which is always 200 meters below the observer. This is also implying that the others care whether the baby lives or dies, which a true creepypasta just shouldn't do.)


Then get these mics out of my face! I'm radically insane!

(SCP-106 says that the microphones are being shoved close to his face, and that he'll kill the baby (or worse) if they don't move them farther away, Also "Radically Insane" may be a reference to a nickname given to SCP-106, "Radical Larry")


Ready to see my real face? Come near us if you dare.

(SCP-087-1's face is actually in a picture on the SCP wiki. The actor playing 087-1 looks nothing like this, so it begins to get darker as the picture is pasted over the actor's face. He is saying that the other seven won't even want to come to them.)


We'll be waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs.

(SCP-087 goes down at least 1.6 km and probably goes on forever, so this is an oxymoron. The two will be waiting to see if any of the other seven go downstairs.)

The RakeEdit

Your rhymes are as tedious as your never-ending staircase,

(The Rake is saying that the never-ending staircase is boring and annoying to go down, and that the SCPs' rhymes are as tedious to listen to.)

and your so-called creepypastas are such a waste of space.

(The stories of the Rake's nine opponents are clogging up the internet and calling themselves creepypastas when they really aren't. This is especially true of the SCPs, whose pasta contains over 2,000 characters and items, plus enough tales and jokes to at least double that number.)

Watch me munch on these monsters like I munch on sick rhymes.

(The Rake will eat the other nine. He is also saying that he eats even "sick" (good) rhymes because his are so much better.)

I'm the Rake, bitches, great bitches, hunting through time.

(The Rake is calling the others women and idiots. One possibility about the Rake, since he has been seen for at least eight centuries, is that he has time travel capabilities. This may also simply mean that he's been killing people throughout history. It should also be noted that since the actor, being non-animated, looks nothing like the Rake, plenty of people had probably still not realized who it was at this point.)

Been around for so many centuries, now making these SCPs history.

(The Rake, again, is at least eight hundred years old. He's lived throughout history, and he's going to make 087 and 106 history (kill them).)

Been trapped after death, but I'm breaking free, and no one will figure out my mystery.

(The Rake is saying that he's going to terrorize the world, and no one will figure out what's really going on.)

My feet will keep crawling, my rhymes will keep flowing,

(The Rake usually gets around on all fours. For rhymes to "flow" is for them to fit naturally with each other, something not every rapper can pull off.)

just like my internet fame, my mouth will keep growing.

(The Rake can expand his mouth to very large sizes to eat things larger than his head.)

The Skin TakerEdit

Light the candle on this Candle Cove, Skin-Taker has arrived!

(Skin-Taker is announcing his entrance. Skin-Taker was from a TV show about pirates called Candle Cove. The word "cove" is cut off, so it sounds like "Light the candle on this candle, Skin-Taker has arrived!")

I want you to scream in my studio, so go inside!

(]Everybody who watched Candle Cove had a dream which consisted of the entire cast screaming for thirty minutes. Skin-Taker wants the other ten to go inside his studio so he can make them scream.)

I've been investigated by tons, you're the Laughingstock of me.

(The pirate ship of the main characters was called the Laughingstock. Skin-Taker is saying he laughs at the other ten. Candle Cove's fanbase is small, but has almost as much depth as the Slender fanbase, and the entire series has been created.)

Don't touch your remote yet, cause here's Pirate Percy!

(Skin-Taker is telling the others not to change the channel on his show, because Pirate Percy is about to appear. This is the first time a rapper announces another rapper's entrance.)

Pirate PercyEdit

It's Pirate Percy, maties, there's no way you'll get through me.

(Pirate Percy, being a pirate, refers to the others as "maties". Pirate Percy is saying the others can't get through them, perhaps because he is the only one other than Herobrine with a sword.)

I'll make you scream as soon as I exit your TV screen.

(It is a common trope that spirits and similar entities can exit a television program into the real world. However, this never happens in Candle Cove, which, although very strange, is not supernatural.)

I'll be laughing at this jackass while making the rest of you suffer,

(It's unclear who Pirate Percy is mocking, but it is probably Laughing Jack. While he laughs at him, Percy will hurt the other nine.)

'cause a battle is no place for you already dead landlubbers!

(Percy is saying that the other ten should leave. He calls them "landlubbers", a derogatory term used by pirates to refer to non-sailors. However, only Herobrine is actually dead, but most Creepypastas are portrayed as people who are already dead and are going to kill people.)

Horace HorribleEdit

It's clear that we've entered a hostile environment,

(The other ten are out for blood, and are not happy that Skin-Taker and Percy have dissed them.)

so allow the man in the top hat to teach you about violence.

(Candle Cove was a show for young children, which are usually educational. However, violence is definitely not on the usual list of subjects. Horace Horrible is almost religiously devoted to Skin-Taker, and defers to him in leadership issues.)

One slash at the throat and death ensues, children.

(Continuing the previous theme, Horace is teaching kids that if you slice someone's throat, they die.)

Just like the lost treasure, you'll never be seen again.

(Quite often, treasure chests are lost and are never seen after that. Horace will slit the others' throats and dispose of their bodies. Notably, it is never said who Horace Horrible is, and he bears only a passing resemblance to the original.)


Once you hear the sound of glass shattering downstairs,

(In BOB's story, it broke the glass downstairs to get into the target's house. There is a sound of glass shattering at the beginning of this line, which makes the first half of it very difficult to hear.)

you know that you're in for a true frightening scare.

(BOB had been stalking its target for several nights before finally killing him. It would obviously be scary to know that a creature was in your house.)

I'm the creature, I'm your teacher, so get ready to stop.

(Eye contact with BOB causes the onlooker to be frozen in fear. BOB is referred to only as "the creature" by the narrator. When it's done, the other thirteen will actually know how to rap, since according to BOB they didn't before.)

You guys are gonna die when you meet the eyes of BOB.

(BOB is announcing who it is. As said before, eye contact with BOB makes a target unable to run away, so BOB can easily kill them.)

I may have no arms, but I'll still slam you till you're dead.

(BOB slammed its victim to kill him in his story. BOB has no arms, a fact that is obvious when watching the video.)

You'll see me in the space of curtains when you're in your bed.

(The narrator of BOB's pasta knew that BOB was stalking him when he saw it in the curtains while he was in bed.)

This is you'll final warning; there's no way you'll harm me.

(BOB has a resistance to damage. It is saying that if the other thirteen don't stop rapping now, it will kill them.)

Online wimps like yourselves would think I needed an army!

(Creepypastas are an online medium. The other thirteen overestimate their power and think BOB would need an army to take them out, when he could actually kill them on his own. This foreshadows later verses; only three out of the twenty-one rappers remaining are not lost episodes or video game characters.This is also a pun on the unrelated Bob army a bunch of spam comments online that are against Google +.)

Grey ManEdit

Time to go to sleep, you freaks you'll never escape.

(The Grey Man is from a game called LSD Dream Emulator. He is telling the others to go to sleep so that they will dream of him.)

You hide in labs and forests while I haunt the dreamscape!

(Many creepypastas involve either scientists or creatures in forests (the latter being so common that it is a cliche). The Grey Man, however, can go anywhere he wants in peoples' minds.)

Pray your death comes quick when you see me in the distance.

(The Grey Man tortures you so horribly in dreams with him that he makes you want to die.)

I'll paint a Rake and his armless mate all over the Violence District.

(The Rake and B.O.B. are very similar creatures, so much so that the Grey Man thinks they are friends. The Violence District is the most common area to see the Grey Man in LSD Dream Emulator. The game is known for having strange textures, so the Grey Man will add the Rake and B.O.B. to the buildings.)

None of Slendy's proxies or you SCPs could scare me.

(The Grey Man is not scared by the other rappers. Also, more than one of the earlier rappers were either Slenderman's proxies or SCPS, being The Observer & Ticci Toby and the SCPs.)

You hear me? Puppets and a twisted Ron Jeremy.

(The Grey Man scoffs at Candle Cove and NPFNP being considered scary. Candle Cove was a children's show, so it shouldn't be scary. He also compares Van Buren to Ron Jeremy, a porn star.)

Midnight's worse than Twilight, leave this square dismembered.

(The Grey Man says that the Midnight Man's pasta is even worse than Twilight, a book series which many people think is terrible. He will kill the other creepypastas.)

You've seen the man I am, still want to remember?

(Those stalked by the Grey Man wish that they could forget him. In LSD Dream Emulator, the Grey Man erases your progress and is thought by some to represent memory loss from drugs. Because of this, the other rappers might not even remember him.)


I'd rather not remember, your face is ugly as sin.

(UBOA follows up on the Grey Man's last line by saying that he doesn't want to remember him. However, the reason for this is not the terror he brings, but for his ugliness. The Grey Man also does not have a face.)

Now let's turn out the lights, because the fun shall begin!

(In UBOA's home game, Yume Nikki, when you turn out the lights in a certain house, there is a small chance that the girl in the house will turn into UBOA. UBOA will have fun tormenting the other rappers.)

I'm known as an NPC but I have spawned many stories,

(Despite being a non-playable character, UBOA is actually more famous than his own game, and many creepypastas have been written about him.)

And this stalker must be high if he thinks he's got all the glory!

(The Grey Man must be high on his own drugs to think that he's the best rapper.)

Even think about touching me, I'll send your ass to the desert.

(In UBOA's game, if you touch him, he will send you to a place resembling the game's White Desert area. There is no way out of this area. He will do the same to the other pastas.)

I'll let out these screams and make sure you all get severed!

(UBOA will scare the others and make sure they die.)

There's snow way out of this, can't get away with your bike.

(The White Desert is possibly snowy, so UBOA is making a pun off of "There's no way out of this" to tell the others that there is no way to escape his realm. The main character in Yume Nikki has a bike.)

Better pinch yourselves now, for I have taken over your lives!

(There actually is a way out of UBOA's realm; pinching yourself in Yume Nikki will wake you up, allowing you to escape. The others should do this to escape him.)


OH!!! All of these tripping creepypastas are making me sick.

(Polybius is sick of the others' rhymes. He is also referencing the Grey Man, since to be high on LSD means that one is taking an "acid trip", and the fact that Polybius himself causes similar effects.)

Just like my game, I'll chop you into 8-bits.

(The only thing known about Polybius for sure is that his game is from the 8-bit era. He is using this as a pun for the fact that he will cut the others into eight pieces.)

We got a guy with no arms and a little masquerade.

(Polybius is laughing at B.O.B. and Eyeless Jack, since he thinks they pose no threat.)

All of you will be doomed when you step in my arcade.

(Polybius causes addiction, seizures, and eventually death. The others will be killed the same way when they play his arcade game.)

I'll break you like a Rake, leave you all to your demise.

(Polybius is making a pun off the Rake's name. A rake is also a long object that can be snapped. Polybius will maim the others and leave them to die.)

I covered up the kids I killed with secrets and lies.

(Polybius was created by government agents who lied about the deaths of certain people who played it, covering it up under classification.)

I'm kicking it old school, gonna be your teacher.

(Polybius is a video game from 1981, making him one of the oldest games ever. When he is done, the others will know how to rap.)

I'm shaking down this battle, so get ready to have a seizure!

(As mentioned before, Polybius causes seizures. He is ready to kill the other pastas.)


I'll never love you all, stop interfering my channels!

(BRVR's pasta is about the game "Pokemon Channel", so he is making a pun from that. He is telling the others to leave. A theme of his pasta is love, so he is telling the others that, like his original owner, he doesn't need them.)

Just let me catch you and light you all up like the Midnight Man's candles!

("Gotta catch 'em all!" is the theme of Pokemon. BRVR will catch his opponents so he can set fire to them like the candles that would be used to set up the Midnight Game.)

I don't need any love from all you faggots who haven't won!

(BRVR truly does need love, but he refuses to accept this. He says that he doesn't care about the others and that none of them have won the battle.)

I have no hard feelings, especially when you are all done!

(Again, BRVR won't feel remorse for killing his opponents.)

You bitches are the big reason on why I want to die!

(BRVR is suicidal, but his environment won't let him die. He says that the reason for this is not his abandonment, but the other rappers.)

Charging up, so make sure you run away and hide!

(BRVR is a Pikachu, so he can attack the others with thunder. He is mocking the others, saying that they can't resist his attacks. BRVR's subtitles flash golden during this line.)

I know when you're lying to me, so prepare for shock attack...

(In BRVR's story, his owner says that she still loves him. However, BRVR knows that she is only saying this out of fear, so he responds "BRVR knows when you're lying to him". "Shock Attack" is a double pun; Pikachu is an electric Pokemon, so BRVR can shock the others. However, his owner went into shock upon first seeing what he had done to his world.)


(BRVR didn't want his owner to react the way she did after all those years alone, and now wants the other creepypastas to leave. Polybius's face is seen filling the screen and screaming at the end of this line.)

Happy AppyEdit

Hello children! Welcome to this episode of Happy Appy.

(Happy Appy was a children's TV show, and he is starting his verse how an episode of one of those shows would traditionally start.)

I'm friendly, I'm fruity, but I'm also feeling snappy.

(Happy Appy claims he's just a big friendly apple, but he really isn't. He's feeling like killing the others right now.)

I may have got banned from Nick Jr., but I'm still standing strong.

(Happy Appy was banned from Nick Jr. for turning extremely violent after the tenth episode. However, his creator kept producing episodes, creating second and third seasons of the show.)

With how much this rodent obsesses, it's like he wants his owner's schlong.

(BRVR is so obsessive over his owner that Happy Appy thinks he must want to have sex with his owner. It has been shown in several separate battles that the creators don't actually realize that BRVR's owner is a girl, referring to the owner as "he".)

Now everybody calm down, because the violence is building.

(Happy Appy speaks as if he's talking to a children's show audience. He is telling the kids to calm down and pay attention to the senseless killing on his show, which only increases as the show goes on.)

Let's broadcast these slaughters, 'cause that's natural, children.

(On the final Nick Jr. episode of Happy Appy, he tells some kids watching the deaths of people in a burning skyscraper that "That's natural, children.". This is probably Happy Appy's most famous quote.)

Let's conclude this episode. I had fun with you all.

(Happy is again talking as if to children, telling the audience that his verse is over and that he had fun doing it.)

See you all next time, in the afterlife hall!

(He continues the "children's show character" facade until the last part of this line, where he comes out of the screen with a knife. This is similar to how the first season occurred, seeming innocent until it was banned.)

Creepy Luna Edit

You'll hear the trotting of your doom, the galloping of your deaths soon.

(The other creepypastas will soon hear Luna coming to kill them.)

Except this time it ain't a game, I'll be the princess of a Blood Moon.

(Creepy Luna is from the game Luna Game, during which she was brutally murdered. However, this time, the deaths will be real when she kills the others. She is referencing her own name, Luna, which means moon.)

It's a queen that leaves even Pinkamena scared to death.

(Luna Game was not advertised as a creepy game, and the image and sound at the end scare even people who know about it in advance. As Pinkie Pie is a generally happy and peppy character on My Little Pony, it would take quite a feat to scare her to death. This line may also reference a Creepypasta called Cupcakes, in which Pinkie Pie murders another character on My Little Pony, and it would take an even greater feat to scare this version of Pinkie Pie to death.)

Let's see you try to clop after witnessing this JPEG.

(The image in the end is not only scary, it downloaded itself onto the computer as a seeming virus, making people too scared to move from their computers.)


Prepare to get kicked to the desktop, here comes Creepy Bloom!

(Creepy Bloom comes on Luna's side. She is the character in the image at the end of the game. After the image is shown, the game crashes, taking you back to the desktop.)

It won't take five games to turn this loon to Happy Appy Juice!

(There are actually five different games in the Luna Game series. However, it won't take that long to crush Happy Appy and squeeze his juice out. This also references the name of the character Creepy Bloom was based on, Apple Bloom.)

My rhymes will buck you hard, haunt you Equestria Daily.

(If a horse or pony doesn't like you, it will try to buck you off. Creepy Bloom will hit the others hard, and haunt them for every day of their lives. This references the popular My Little Pony fan site Equestria Daily, which is also where Luna Game first appeared.)

You'll be spammed and deleted 'cause THE END IS NEIGH!!!!

(Bloom breaks the fourth wall and says that the others' pages on creepypasta sites will be spammed with copies of the end picture and then deleted like Luna Game is when it is finished. "The End is Neigh" is the caption below the end image in Luna Game, a pun off "The End is Nigh" meaning that the apocalypse is coming, and the sound that horses and ponies make.)


I’m a sad girl trapped inside this wreck of a home

(Sally is a depressed and poor girl alone in his house.)

Don't even go near me, just turn around and go

(Sally says that the pastas will never go to her, but turn around and go away.)

Wanna play a game? A game called hide-and-go-seek?

(Sally questions that the pastas would play Hide and Seek.)

I’ll drown you in depression and we shall go to sleep

(Sally will turn the pastas depressed like her and sleep for eternity.)

I’m living in my pond of my really wet tears

(Sally's living in a very old house, covered by her tears, absolutely.)

Can you please get out? I want some alone time here

(Sally questions that the pastas would get out, beacuse she is depressed and alone, as stated last time.)

I want to live my dreams, getting crossed like a tally

(Sally wants to dream in her graveyard, meaning it literally)

You monsters lost against the lonely, DEPRESSED SALLYYYY!!!!

(Sally says that she won, and she screams at the end of this line to enhance her creepiness)


Let’s-a go bro! Go on ahead and open the file

(Let's-a go! It's Mario's famous catchprase. There's a file named MARIO in your computer, when you download it)

This game has just begun, so you'll be here for a while

(MARIO says that the game are just playing begins)

My story’s actually true, so that means I can take on you

(MARIO's story's true, and the most of the others are fakes, He was made by a creepypasta game creator)

The JPEG will make you have the chills when you’re crying in your room

(People are scared of creepypastas, also he is a creepypasta. When people are scared, they cry in their rooms. The game comes with a .txt file, that in reality is a JPEG file (image), the image contains a scary face. He could also be talking to Sally, seeing as she cries in her home all the time.)

This is the selfish way out, let your true king take this

(MARIO thinks that he's the true king and his game has a "Selfish way out")

When Yoshi takes over your life, you will never be truly missed

(When MARIO was released, it gained so much fame, that'll maked the Yoshi.exe release or maybe Yoshi says a binary text)

Welcome to the Yellow Switch Palace, you’ll never be free

(The Yellow Switch Palace is a level of Super Mario World. MARIO says the level was corrupted.)

So let’s play a game of hide and seek, TRY TO FIND ME!

(MARIO comes with a .txt file, that in reality is a Image, the image is an incredibly creepy face, to make this worse, the .txt/.jpg file has a text:

ÿØÿà JFIF H H ÿþ 1find me find me find me find me find me find meÿÛ C. He could also be talking to Sally about how she asks the other pastas to play Hide-and-Seek.) Dead Bart

Try to find you? You'll be under the sink

(As stated last time, MARIO comes with a .txt file that tells the player of the hack to find him but Dead Bart says that they will find him as he is a plumber, and will most likely be fixing a sink, and thus will be easy to find.)

With your plumbers crack showing for everyone to see

(MARIO is a cracked/hacked game, and for everyone in the world. Bart could also be reffering to Mario's buttcrack. Like the previous line, Mario would have to go under the sink to fix it, possibly bending over or crawling, both of which positions can reveal someone's arse.)

I left Matt Groening crying and shaking like a little girl

(Dead Bart says that he made Matt Groening scream, and cry at the same time, Because he comes from a Lost episode from the Simpsons of the same name)

Until he was too scared to mention me to the rest of the world

(As stated before, Dead Bart was a lost episode of The Simpsons, and Matt Groening was too scared to watch it and publish the episode to FOX.)

You try to act tough, but face the facts

(Dead Bart says that MARIO is a stupid creepypasta, and he wants to face his facts, that are...)

Your princess is with Bowser and she ain't ever coming back

(MARIO's Princess Peach was married with Bowser, and she doesn't want to be MARIO's girlfriend, forever.)

You try to change the channel but I'll hide the remote-o

(The viewer of Dead Bart will try to change the channel because they are scared by the episode, but Dead Bart will hide the remote so they have to watch all of it.)

And rain Grey Man’s grey matter on the streets of Kyoto!

(Dead Bart is saying that he's going to kill Greyman and he will rain down his grey matter (i.e. his brain) on his own turf, as the game Greyman comes from, LSD Dream Emulator, is set in Kyoto)

Tails DollEdit

The Number One killer doll is here, let me tell you a tale

(Tails Doll thinks that is the #1 killer in the world, and he wants to tell the pastas a story about...)

How I beat all of you creepy wannabe fails

(Tails Doll insists that none of the other pastas are creepy, as he feels they try to hard to be creepy. Continuing from the last line, Tails Doll will tell of the other pastas how he's going to destroy them)

Can you feel the sunshine? Because I’ll stab you where it doesn’t

(Can you Feel the Sunshine is the music for the track that Tails Doll haunts in the creepypasta. Tails Doll is saying that he will stab people "where the sun doesn't shine" slang for a persons butt or anus.)

I’ll be piling all of your bodies, dozen by the dozen

(Tails Doll killed Gil and Noah, but now he wants to kill all the creepypastas.)

You can try to unlock me, but none of you will get far

(The pastas will never unlock Tails Doll, and get far to him)

My telekinetic abilities will attack once you play Sonic R

(When the pastas play Sonic R, Tails Doll will attack them with Telekinesis)

I’d love to stay and play, but I need more kids to meet me

(Tails Doll is from Sonic R, a relatively obscure game, and being a psychopathic monster he needs more children to play the version of Sonic R that he haunts so he can kill them. Thusly, he can't stay around to finish off the rest of the pastas, but...)

Let me bring in the second player, Sonic.exe

(Tails Doll calls in Sonic.exe to take his place in the rap battle because he(Tails Doll) can't stay around, as explained in the last line. This is the second time a rapper announces another rapper's entrance.)


This is the end you little fakers, yes, it ends today

(Sonic.exe says that's everyone's end. And it ends in this battle)

And now I'm gonna kick your ass the evil hedgehog way!

(Sonic.exe is gonna kick anyone's ass in his way. He spins around the eyeball.)

You can't escape, can't get away, you little Jack Baybays

(In the game Sonic.exe, there's a level named "You can't hide" Sonic.exe thinks that both Jacks suck, and he thinks are "Jack babies")

I'm gonna laugh at you and scare you away

(Sonic.exe has the Kefka laugh. It scares people playing his game)

My eyes bleed red, but you're all gonna be dead

(Sonic.exe has blood eyes, and thinks that everyone will be dead)

'cause when I catch up to you, I'm gonna rip off your heads

(In the game Sonic.exe, there's another level named "Hide and seek" Sonic.exe finds Tails, and he says he will rip off everyone's heads, just like Sonic.exe did to Everyone in Round 2.)

All your stories are flawed, all flagged for fraud

(Sonic.exe thinks all the creepypasta stories are flawed and flagged beacuse they doesn't care about that/have nightmares.)

One more thing: I AM GOD!

(I AM GOD is the Sonic.exe screamer, which is the only thing he can say in final)

Who Was PhoneEdit

Coincidentally, Joe was also portrayed(In the Galaxy's Planet Named Z, There's Micheal Currenti's face. While zooming, it appears lots of things like videos and no volume icon. And appears 2 kids, 2 BEN DROWNEDs, and The Skype Drama Palace featuring B-Lo Lorbes, JustinMikeBuckner and Matthew. The user deleted Mike Currenti from the Skype Drama Palace. and Who Was Phone starts rapping.)

Who was I? Well, i was motherfreaking phone

(Who Was Phone?! thinks that he was Phone)

Will you shut the crap up? I am mad at your tone

(Who Was Phone?! says that he's tired of the rapper's tones of voices and wants them to shut up.)

You are all Jeff rip-offs, so you can suck my Slender dick

(He's parodying the title "Slenderman vs. Jeff the Killer" the first ever creepypasta rap battle, and he says that creepypastas are ripping off Jeff the Killer, and sucking his dick, stolen from Slenderman.)

HEROBRINE! I will kick you like it was a sparta kick

("HEROBRINE!" is a internet joke. The guy tells Herobrine to sparta kick him like Leonidas. This is also a refrence to an old ERBParodies battle, Steve vs Joe. Coincidentally, both Who Was Phone and Joe are portrayed by Justin Mike Buckner.)

Who Was Phone? Coming in fast, You'll need a cast like DarkLink's ass

(Who Was Phone?! is coming in fast, and the remaining rappers need a casting like DarkLink's one)

Talk about being God your economy's high, You and Tails Doll are gay mates who need high fives

(The guy says that if Sonic.exe is god, The fame was the highest and Sonic.exe and Tails Doll need a creepy high five. The "when your economy is high" part is a refrence to another old battle, Walmart vs Target. Coincidentally, both Who Was Phone and the Walmart Employee are portrayed by Justin.)

Drop dead, because you suck, If you dislike this battle, i don't give a duck

(The guy says that the remaining rappers have to drop dead beacuse they think they suck, And if the viewer dislike "Eyeless Jack vs. Laughing Jack", he doesn't care.)

Yo Rake, your nipples are ice cream cones. WAIT A SECOND, WHO ARE YOU? WHO WAS PHONE???

(Who Was Phone?! thinks that the Rake's nipples are like cones, and he discovers that he wasn't phone, so it questions it)

Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv Edit

I'll take your lives when I look you dead in the eye

(Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv is a Youtube video showing a man in a red background that makes people go crazy when someone looks at it)

You'll be screaming before you can even Subscribe

(It only takes one click to subscribe, so Glesgorv is saying that he is so scary, that he will make you scream in terror before you can click on the subscribe button )

You know you're fucked when you face Glesgorv

(Glesgorv tells people that they're 'fucked' when they look at him)

Before you know it all your sanity will be absorbed

(This means that Watching MMG will leave you completely insane)

WHO WAS PHONE? Who gives a shit, you're a mess

(Glesgorv's insulting WHO WAS PHONE's randomness)

I'm the best of the best, you won't ever find success

(He claims he is better than anyone else in the rap battle)

My stare alone sends shivers into grown ups and kids

(He's saying that he attacks people regardless their age)

I bring terror to the Tube' like user 666

(Glesgorv is comparing himself to another well known Youtube Creepypasta, User 666)

Russian Sleep ExperimentEdit

Enough, Byron. Your codes already been cracked

(The real name of the man appearing in Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv is Byron Ruiz)

With these rhymes I've got packed, yours just look whack

(RSE's saying that his rhymes are so good that they'll make Byron's look bad)

Let's try a little experiment, in the end you'll break

(In the original story, the scientist makes an experiment on 5 subjects who end up decaying)

Because you will never sleep, since my rhymes will keep you awake

(The experiment consists on keeping people awake, and study their reactions)

I'll just gas you with my disses, don't be having paranoia

(One of the symptoms of the gas was constant paranoia)

I'll take less than 30 days for me to verbally destroy ya

(The original experiment was supposed to last for 30 days)

I'm the madness in you all, and with that you got beat

('I'm the madness in you all' was a phrase said by a subject who was affected by the gas for almost a month)

I'll leave you in such a state you'll no longer want to be freed

(These subjects also said "We no longer want to be freed", this is a reference to that statement.)


Knock Knock, Who's there? It's me, the Rabbit, Call me HABIT

(In the Youtube series TribeTwelve, where The Observer came from, HABIT sends a letter to Noah saying "Knock Knock", when Noah reads this part, someone starts to knock the door, when he answers, he only finds another letter saying "Who's there?" Him being a rabbit is a reference to both his Twitter avatar, and it is also a reference to his contest of rabbits that has played out over the last few months to years.)

I'm nailing everyone of you crappypastas in only one little casket

(HABIT is refering to the fact he isn't a Creepypasta, but an horror character)

None of you can stop me, for it is I who inHABITs this Sanctuary

(HABIT is making a pun on his name, and what is is called when he possesses someone, that being called inHABITing.)

CanYouSeeTheWords on what i'm writing? CAUSE IT'S ABOUT TO GET SCARY

(The series where he came from, EverymanHYBRID, has a blog called "CanYouSeeTheWords", and HABIT seems to have some kind of comedic side in the series.)

I possess people, turning them into the world's greatest killers and villains

(In EverymanHYBRID is stated that he possessed many killers throughout the history, Vlad the Impaler, Jack the Ripper, etc.)

You're just restless skeletons messing with those happy puppet children

I'm driving EverymanHYBRID mad with Slenderman in my side!

(Slenderman appears in EverymanHYBRID and TribeTwelve too, and they work together, this is stated when HABIT says that his only friends are "A messed up dog thing" and "A Stick in the mud that doesn't like to have any fun")


(HABIT is short for 'MANKIND'S BAD HABIT'.)

Squidward's SuicideEdit

Barnacle heads, be quiet, while I work on my art!

(In "Squidward's Suicide", he shouts Spongebob and Patrick to shut up, he also is doing this his the other rappers.)

You call yourselves creepypastas but you lack the creepy part

(The previous rappers says that they are the true creepypastas, but Squidward's Suicide says that they aren't creepy at all.)

Bunnicula’s efforts to be frightening will all be in vain

(Bunnicula is a vampire rabbit from a children's book, and HABIT refers to himself as a rabbit. Squidward's Suicide says that his efforts of scaring Squidward are in vain)

You can say what you want, I went out like Kurt Cobain!

(Everyone says that Squidward is a bad clarinetist, that's the reason why he committed suicide, and he committed suicide in the same fashion as Kurt Cobain, who was the lead singer of the rock band Nirvana. By comparing himself to Kurt Cobain, he is trying to make himself seem better as a clarinetist.)

Be gone, just DO IT! Spit an improper diss, I'll SHOOT IT!

(At the end of Squidward's Suicide, a deep voice says "Do it, DO IT!!", and he kills himself, Squidward's Suicide says that if the previous rappers say something that he doesn't like, he will shoot them.)

I blasted a fantastic symphony that night, and THEY KNEW IT!

(As Squidward is considered a bad clarinetist, in "Squidward's Suicide", Squidward plays a very bad melody on his clarinet, and the people of Bikini Bottom booed him, he says that they didn't recognize that he played a good melody, which is his way of making himself feel good.)

I'm playing a deadly melody even when I’m deceased!

(Squidward is rapping against the other, but he is actually dead.)

This battle’s reached it’s sonata, and I can rest in peace

(Squidward finishes his verse, so he can rest in peace, even ending himself in-battle with a pistol as the next contender makes an appearance finger-gunning him.)


No, I'm not having it, just watch my clip and it'll make you die

(The cursed Suicide Mouse footage makes the person who watches it commit suicide.)

Horror, scariness, and darkness all packed inside an terrifying .avi

(Suicide Mouse is a lost episode of the 1930s Mickey Mouse cartoon that has a creepy piano playing and desperate screams, which make it a scary film.)

You overdosed on Krabby Patties, you're nothing but lost hope

(Squidward in his job works in the Krusty Krab, where Spongebob prepares Krabby Patties, and Mickey also says that he's lost hope, which is a supposed reference to another SpongePasta dubbed Hope is Lost.)

Wanna see my head come off? Let me just grab my rope!

(Suicide Mouse committed suicide in the last 30 seconds of the video, and "Wanna see my head come off?" is a catchprase of Abandoned by Disney, he is gonna use the rope to remove his head...somehow.)

*SuicideMouse.avi turns into Abandoned by Disney*

Abandoned by DisneyEdit

Ha! No!. You're just an attraction here, while I'm the big deal!

(Suicide Mouse is alive, but he is now "Abandoned by Disney", Mowgli's Palace was an abandoned Disney attraction, but the most interesting thing that a journalist investigating it found there was Photo-Negative Mickey.)

Rhymes so unreal they'll reveal that you'll kneel and squeal

(Suicide Mouse thinks that rhymes are fake, revealing that everyone is about to beg and plead with him for their lives.)

I made Disney shit his pants yet you think your skill is odd?

(Everyone thinks that he is Odd, but he make Disney "shit in his pants")

Don’t need to run from me, YOU'RE ALREADY ABANDONED BY GOD!!

(When Photo-Negative Mickey removes his head, the journalist investigating Mowgli's Palace sees a message on the wall adjacent to him that reads "ABANDONED BY GOD.")

Evil OttoEdit

I've been summoned to battle by all these cheesy whining hacks.

(It's Evil Otto's turn, and he says all of the other pastas are cheesy and do nothing but whine, as most of them have a sad backstory that is often referenced through what they say and do.)

You sent chills down people's spines? I gave children heart attacks

(Evil Otto is from Berzerk, a game that causes two children to die from heart attacks.)

You copypastas can't scare me, I leave the bodies piling

(Otto says that creepypastas don't scare him, and he continues to kill children "leaving their bodies piling")

Go ahead and throw your disses, I'll just keep on smiling!

(In the game, you have to run from Evil Otto, where humans get killed on impact with Otto. He smiles forever because he is a video game character that looks like an 8-bit smiley face.)

When i'm seen, even the toughest can't help but faint!

(Otto says that he is so scary, that when anybody sees him, he makes them faint instantly.)

I'm scarier than you pussies and i can be drawn on MS Paint

(According to Otto, he's scarier than any of the other characters of pastas, and is incredibly accessible to the point where he can be drawn on something that often comes pre-installed on people's computers. He also is making a comment on how scary he is despite his simplicity.

Been making kids go Berzerk, these 43 pixels are lethal!

(Otto states that he killed an incredible amount of kids with his game Berzerk, and makes a reference to the 8-bit Smiley Face which uses exactly 43 pixels.)

Game Over, motherfuckers, you've met with the face of true evil!

(Otto says he is the face of true evil, and after that it's GAME OVER.)

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