Frenzy Based On
Actor Information
Birth name Chewy Rivera
Nickname(s) GetSlayedTV (formerly)


YouTube Channel [1]
Physical description
Hair Black/Brown
Eyes Brown
Appearance Information
Appeared In Various
As Various
996962 749148481767977 1934745750 n

Frenzy's original My Little Pony character.

Chewy Rivera (Frenzy) (born in 1997, formerly known as GetSlayedTV) is a rapper and YouTuber. Aside from ERBP, Frenzy Co-Owner Ethnicity Ethnicity Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta. HE also helps with Epic Rap Battles Cartoon Made, Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons and several other series. He used to have his own series called Frenzy Rap Battles, but has been deleted and is now working on a new series called Evil Rap Battles of Horror.



  • He suggested Bronies vs Trekkies.
  • He is the first rapper in Epic Rap Battle Parodies to speak Spanish.
  • Before joining rap battles, his channel consisted of rants, gameplays and reviews.
  • He joined the community on December 31, 2013. (The day LazySundayPaper left the community)

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