Gary Oak battled Ash Ketchum in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 18. He was played by Justin.

Information on the RapperEdit

Gary Oak was the primary rival of Ash Ketchum, prior to their final battle in the Johto League, and grandson of Professor Oak. His Japanese name is derived from Shigeru Miyamoto. Gary has been a neighbor of Ash Ketchum since they were both young. At one time they seemed to be friends and went to see movies together as seen in Lights, Camerupt, Action!. Before either of their journeys began, both Gary and Ash found an old Poké Ball while fishing. The two boys began fighting over who would get to keep the Poké Ball but ended up breaking it in half. Gary has never been seen in the anime ever since Ash went to the Sinnoh region.However after Gary was beaten by Ash they parted on friendly terms.


Verse 1:Edit

I'm the true Pokémon master, all you do is play with Balls!

So take a seat, Ash, I'll show you how to catch 'em all!

I'm a prodigy in Pallet Town, you're just in Special Ed!

It takes more than a generation to see Misty in your bed!

I'mma cap your ass like a Ratatta, flame on like a Vulpix!

I'll send out Hitmonlee to give your ass a million kicks!

What's the matter, Ashy boy? You want healing from Nurse Joy?

Ass Ketchup mess with my Pokémon is sure to get destroyed!

I'll serve you a handheld defeat that'll fit in your pocket,

Don't let your ego blast off more than Team Rocket!

My pops is a professor, so I have all the knowledge that I need!

I'll be rising up, while you're smoking Bulbasaur weed!

Verse 2:Edit

Stop being so Gloom, you're acting like a Slowbro.

You're a rip off of Yugi, hell, maybe more homo!

My disses just evolved, teach you to mess with my crew,

And you wonder who the real master is? I don't choose you!

You're identified as a "wannabe champion" in my Pokédex,

You've been surrounded by girls, yet you still haven't had sex!

Now listen here, Ash, time for the ultimate burn.

Magikarp is the name you deserve to earn!