Happy Appy battled Eyeless JackLaughing Jack and many other creepypastas in Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack. He was voiced by Froggy.


Happy Appy is a creepypasta of a cancelled show on Nick Jr (known as Noggin at the time). The original show depicted a talking apple named “Happy Appy” that taught kids how to handle certain injuries. At first, it seems normal, however, after a couple of episodes, it gets progressively worse and worse. After their final, and only 8th episode, it was only 2 hours when Noggin removed all traces of the show happening. Most known about the show is that 2001 reports say the episode seemed to depict happenings of 9/11, even though the episode was shown in 1999.


Hello children! Welcome to this episode of Happy Appy

I'm friendly, I'm fruity, but I'm also feeling snappy

I may have got banned from Nick Jr, but I'm still standing strong


Original Happy Appy

With how much this rodent obsesses, it's like he wants his owner's schlong

Now everybody calm down, because the violence is building

Let's broadcast these slaughters, cause that's natural, children

Well, let's conclude this episode, I had fun with you all

See you all next time, in the afterlife hall!

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