Herobrine battled Eyeless JackLaughing Jack and many other creepypastas in Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack. He was portrayed by Anthony Perry and voiced by VideoGameRapBattles.


Herobrine has joined to disconnect you from your dicks

I'm pulling out my diamond sword to leave all of your throats slit

You two Jack-offs should just piss off, you’ll experience your End with me

And all I can Observe from this anti-social brat is an Enderman wannabe!

Whom the rapper is based on

Please, these cheesy teases of terror should’ve known they can’t take this

I’ll cause heart attacks, nightmares, death, and do it all in 8 bits!

Don't try to take on my blank eyes, this Swede’ll be the last contender

Wherever you’re suffering you'll know I’ll be watching in the Short Render


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