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Hugh Hefner vs Pee-wee Herman - Epic Rap Battle Parodies-0

Hugh Hefner vs Pee-wee Herman - Epic Rap Battle Parodies-0

Hugh Hefner vs Pee-wee Herman
Battle information
Release date September 5, 2015
Number 56
Views 100,000+ (As of July)
Length 2:04
Previous The Sims vs Animal Crossing
Next Jigsaw vs GLaDOS
Other information
Actors Mat4yo
Rappers Hugh Hefner In BattlePee-wee Herman In Battle
Cameos Cowboy Curtis
Location(s) The Playboy Mansion
Pee-wee's Playhouse

Hugh Hefner vs Pee-wee Herman is the fifty-sixth installment of Epic Rap Battle Parodies and the sixth episode of Season 4. It features the popular childrens comedian, Pee-wee Herman, rapping against the creator of Playboy, Hugh Hefner. It was released on September 5th, 2015.


Mat4yo as Pee-wee Herman

TewZen as Hugh Hefner

Frenzy as Cowboy Curtis (cameo)


Hugh Hefner:Edit

The difference between Playboy and Playhouse is simple

You took my title and stuck a “with” in the middle

I’ll have to riddle ‘gainst a little kid who didn’t take his Ritalin

And giggles like his nipples got twisted but thinks it’s tickling

Wishing Miss Yvonne would kiss you “right where it hurts, ma’am”

But with that Pee-Wee, you’ll never be Her Man

Your Rising Action Climaxed in the previews

When Peewee was “cumming in theaters near you”

Pee-wee Herman:Edit

HAHA, a bunny suits you well

The way you hop around town playing show and tell!

Making beds rock out of wedlock of the law,

I don’t know how you keep it up with that pin above your balls!

‘Cause your pals are only palimonies, after you’re deceased

You’ll be a veteran remembered as an Editor in Chief!

You’re a Crooked Man who I’m gonna subscribe to the Bible

And override your Bi-cycle with my bicycle!

Hugh Hefner:Edit

You’re schizophrenic mess who’s poisoning a generation

Try and gaze at my mansion while you’re enslaved in your basement

‘Cause you’re a nerd hippie, I’m a strapping geriatric gladiator

And i’ll have you running like a fidgety refrigerator

Crank all the prank calls you think won’t tank

‘Till you underpay the interest accrued in your Spank Bank

You think you’re forgotten from watching me lay it down?

No, I just had more “versatile” toys in my playhouse

Pee-wee Herman:Edit

Not ONE good joke! Guess you can’t Stand Up!

Plus, you might “stop motion” if your heart rate goes nuts!

I know the mind of a child and I’ll use it to crack your code

And add some 49 more shades of red to your bathrobe!

With a tip of the hat I’ll be tipping your boat

If you're joking, I’ll be literally coming at your throat

Now we both play with plastic toys but why?

I know you are, butt! What am I?

It’s sad your form of literature is Otherkins on Calendars.

You’re no entrepreneur, your category is Amateur!

I’ll force you in your drawer in the morgue with those loose screws

‘Cause we all scream when we see you as if the secret word was HUGH!


Who won?

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first battle to have a rotating background. (For Pee-Wee Herman)
  • This is the first battle to implement the new intro, being a smaller version of the logo.
  • This is the first battle to have 3D names for the title cards
  • This is the second battle with the new announcer, Kevin Krust.