James Earl Cash
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Character Information
Birth name James Earl Cash
Nickname(s) James "cut throat" Cash
Physical description
Hair Unknown (currently bald)
Eyes Brown
Based On
James Earl Cash Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In John Marston vs Niko Bellic (Remake)
Vs John Marston Niko Bellic and Jimmy Hopkins
Release Date July 22, 2014
Votes on Website 5 (12% of votes)
Location(s) Darkwood penitentiary
James Earl Cash battled against John Marston Niko Bellic and Jimmy Hopkins in John Marston vs Niko Bellic (Remake). He was played by Froggy.

Information on the Rapper Edit

Earl cash is the Protagonist and main playable character in Rockstars' Manhunt. Earl was a former inmate of Darkwoods Penitentiary, who was freed from death row and in return he would have to participate in a snuff film. Cash displays no outward emotion or regret while butchering his pursuers and is no stranger to violence.

Lyrics Edit

Verse 1: Edit

This is a ManHunt, without me, it'd just be a WomanHunt.

Call me the Director, 'cause I'm laying down the rules to you cunts!

I'll pierce you with this toothpick if you dare to get pissy.

This defeat will be more frightening than my encounter with Piggsy!

I'll stomp John with MY boots and take down Niko with a punch!

I'll chop you into pieces and give the Cerberus their lunch!

You'll be patrolled like the Hoods, this beating is not reversible,

While you're prancing through mellow, I'll hold the crown for controversial!

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