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Annoucer:Epic rap battles!Jeff the killer vs!-Devil dog!Begin!Jeff:Who is the asshole,myth!?Suck it up,you dickwad!Toystore freak,cut you up better than Jack the ripper!2@one!MOTHERFUCKER!Gremlin faced bitch you can solve your fucking problems with your penis!Devil dog:Your the fucker with the most fucking creepiest pasta!Mike myers would kill you in a heartbeat!Who would you want?Mike or goddamm Jack the ripper,Bitch!Mike myers:King booker motherfuckers,shut the hell up!You all hate me,well fine.But,I will rip your skin,like Putin!Hunter of the cunts,But I don't give a fucking fuck!Slenderman scares you assholes,But I make you bitches kill!Jack the ripper:You have no friggin knifes,Devil dog!Bet a nigger from Nile freaking river you were tamed by a fuckin demon,but I think that is a shitty theory OR NOT!Jeff:Leaving bitching little fuckers.I hate you asses nigga bitches come and go!Devil dog:Bitch I hate you too!Two fuckers friggin Jack and Jeff screw you all!Your assholes and you know it!I rock it you know this microphone,Pussies!

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