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RLYoshi as Jerry Springer

480px-Jerry Springer Musto Party 2011 Shankbone 10

Based on

Jerry Springer battled Maury Povich in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 32. He was played by RLYoshi.

Information on the RapperEdit

Gerald Norman "Jerry" Springer (born February 13, 1944) is an English-born American television presenter, best known as host of the tabloid talk show The Jerry Springer Show since its debut in 1991. He is a former Democraticmayor of Cincinnati, Ohio,[1] news anchoractor and musician.

Lyrics Edit

Verse 1:

It's time to reveal a piece of baggage, this won't be a shock

Maury is having A Current Affair with Rupert Murdoch!

You hosted a rigged quiz show, congratulations, bro

Well let me take the fact you blow and shove it in your face for show

You've got episodes and episodes about transsexuality

Now who are you to judge, ho? Just let it be

You're trying to act all serious by talking about gangs and shit

Well Maury Povich this is it, I recommend you just quit!

Verse 2:

Yeah, I have a kid, but he's legitimate, asshole

Just like one of those teenage girls you're out of control!

Time for the hard truth, Maury, you have no reason to live

And your rhymes are even worse than the advice you give!

I'm a true entertainer, take some lessons from me

I'll knock you right off the air and end your trash TV

You need to calm your ass down, man, you're getting too pissed

You're a psychologist if you take out the -logist