Jigsaw Title Card

Jigsaw In Battle

Froggy as Jigsaw
Character Information
Birth name John Kramer (Human)
Billy (Puppet)
Nickname(s) Jigsaw
The Jigsaw Killer
Physical description
Hair Black (Billy)
Gray (Jigsaw)
Eyes Red (Billy)
Brown (Jigsaw)
Based On

Billy The Puppet Based On

Jigsaw Based On

Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Jigsaw vs GLaDOS
Release Date October 31, 2015
Votes on Website TBD
Location(s) TV (Billy)
??? (Jigsaw)
Time's up. Sorry. Game over. You failed.
— Jigsaw

Jigsaw battled GLaDOS in Jigsaw vs GLaDOS. He was portrayed by Froggy.

Information on the rapperEdit

John Kramer (also known as The Jigsaw Killer, or simply Jigsaw) is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. He is portrayed by American actor Tobin Bell.

He is different from most serial killers as he did not kill his victims directly, but instead relied on various lethal traps in which he places his victims. In most cases, they must subject themselves to excrutiating pain or trauma to escape, and prove their will to live.


Verse 1:Edit

Billy the Puppet:Edit

Hello, GLaDOS. I want to play a game.

Why don't you blow off some Steam by escaping my little place?


'Cause your flow is even slower than your development process!

Revisit Lab Rat and shut down the OS of a “goddess"!

Completed my rebirth, I'm fighting scrap worth less than TF2.

Check your morals and your importance, "zero Valvue".

A real Flesh and Blood bruiser who will send you to the birds

In a PotatOS plot arc Ellen McLamer than your words!

The key to your win lies within your very being.

But alternately, I'll Ctrl you and keep on deleting.

Like a care-a-less Mia final Opera towards the light.

On a carousel of shotguns you’ll be singing through the night.

Think outside the box - of water strapped to your head.

Or else you won't S. U. R. V. I. V. E in The Final Chapter's end.

You will function like a puzzle when the tables get turned.

Like a cube, I will leave you with a 3rd degree burn.

Verse 2:Edit


I'm deactivating HAL clones to end your malfunctioned reign!

Sew your mouth shut, your monster, don't want to hear you speak again!

There's no way to reverse this, so listen to the tape!

Billy the Puppet:Edit

I'll scatter your parts all across the land just like my namesake!


This Chell of her former self appears to mock me for my puppetry.

From the ground up to the moon rocks you can’t run, you’re in my custody.

‘Cause you can’t scream in outer space so stay inside your jail.

Time's up. Sorry. Game over. You failed.