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Character Information
Birth name Justin Michael Buckner
Nickname(s) JMBRaps
Born June 9, 1998 (age 19)
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Based On
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Justin Michael Buckner (born June 9, 1998) is a rapper, producer and gamer. He is one of the two creators of ERBParodies, along with Nathan Provost. His channel is JMB.

Information on the Actor Edit

Justin is one of the two founders of Epic Rap Battle Parodies along with Nathan Provost. He undoubtedly has the most roles in the entire series, totaling up to fifty-seven. He resigned from co-owning the series.


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

  • Gabe Newell(Gabe Newell VS Shigeru Miyamoto)

  • Paul Bunyan**(Paul Bunyan VS Johnny Appleseed)
  • Peter Griffin**(Peter Griffin VS Homer Simpson)
  • Meriwether Lewis(Beavis and Butthead VS Lewis and Clark)
  • Light Yagami**(L VS Light)
  • Ryuk**(L VS Light)
  • Stanley Kubrick(Ed Wood VS M Night Shyamalan)
  • John Lennon**(Harry Styles VS Paul McCartney 2)
  • Ringo Starr (Audio)(Harry Styles VS Paul McCartney 2)
  • Willie Robertson**(Hank Hill VS Duck Dynasty)
  • Hank Hill (audio)(Hank Hill VS Duck Dynasty)
  • John Marston (Again)(John Marston VS Niko Bellic REMASTERED)
  • Eyeless Jack**(Eyeless Jack VS Laughing Jack)
  • Midnight Man**(Eyeless Jack VS Laughing Jack)
  • Dr. Van Buren**(Eyeless Jack VS Laughing Jack)
  • SCP-087(Eyeless Jack VS Laughing Jack)
  • Horace Horrible**(Eyeless Jack VS Laughing Jack)
  • BRVR
  • CreepyBloom
  • Russian Sleep Experiment**(Eyeless Jack VS Laughing Jack)
  • Squidward's Suicide

Season 4 Edit


  • He Undeniably has the most roles.
  • He owns at least one dog who was going to play smile dog.Instead she played at least 2 roles in his own channel JMB raps.
  • He doesn't have as much acne and is no longer fat.

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