Kroger Employee is one of the rappers who appeared in Walmart vs Target. Played by WoodenHornets, this employee is a employee of Kroger. He battled a Walmart Employee, a Target Employee and many others.


You cheesy crappy supermarkets ain't seen nothing yet

I've got better products than all of you, we don't even need to bet

What the hell is a Sam's Club? Man, just merge yourself with BJ's

You faggots, you literally proved that stores can be gays

You think you can outnumber me? Ha, you're really out of luck

If you're not satisfied with the product, I don't give a fuck

Toys R Us likes little kids? Huh, what a perv

This final line is like my checkout, cause you just got served


  • This employee wears sunglasses.
  • This the fourth person wearing blue in a ERBParodies.