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Laughing Jack battled Eyeless Jack and many other creepypastas in Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack. He was portrayed by Kevin Krust.

Laughing Jack

Who the rapper is based on.

Lyrics: Edit

Verse 1:

All around the mulberry bush, the clown chased the blind man

With a weird eating disorder, dude, stop eating those hands!

I'm going ham, squeezing your ass until Pop Goes the Weasel

I'll maniacally take you down, eyeless man, I'm pure evil!

I bring pain! You'll go insane just like my playmate Isaac

Before you get kicked, smacked with a brick, and a mouthful of ticks!

You see how dope I'm flowing? Oops! I guess not

I'll break to your home, trash your rooms, and leave a dead dog!

Verse 2:

I may be a clown, but this time I'm not joking

It'll be a pleasure to nail you to the wall and cut you wide open

I'm dispersing these rhymes so hot, they'll make you descend

Why don't you leave this battle now and go jack off to BEN?

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