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ronald:Whoa,I like DJ rogers!But,you can suck my happy meals,I rap better,man!,let my freind Bill cosby and little bb,Finish.little b:Yo,I am cooler than a starfishes balls!Bill cosby:I ivented myself now that is something! am soft but,I can crush some ryhmes!You mowed,Bitch!Ronald:I have my happy meals being served to kids around the world,so suck it up!,nice motherfucker!You know that your gay or at least fucked up Queen Latifah!Ronald:How dare you flucker of chickens!I rap the buzzing of bees!You look at porn magzines and you ker-splaated sex on ol,genn simmon,s wife Shannon!Mr.rogersP:Well,freak you rhymers macsexacons!Who won hey This is part 1 p2 is on novmber the 23rd!

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