Mall security
Paul Blart

Mall Security Guard was the final rapper in Walmart VS Target. He was portrayed by Mat4yo.


The greatest supermarket coming in, who you gonna call?

If you think you won't fall, then suck this mall's balls

I've been around for ages, yet you call yourself history?

When I was built, all you faggots wanted to come inside of me

Where else can you get a video game and a meal?

A mall is filled with everything, it's pretty much the best deal and

Without me, you guys would all have nowhere to live,

SO be thankful, otherwise I've got no K's to give

Wal-Mart, I got Paul Blart, Target, you're not God.

You aren't o-K-mart and GameStop's just got COD

Step into my food court, you won't be acquitted

Cause you're Walgreen of jealousy, fellas, you're all bitches just admit it

Isn't it a gimmick when you're pinning down the king

You're just little prick thrift shops, who think you can win it

Well it's time to lock up for the night, your shift's done

I've put you all out of business, and there are no refunds


  • Mat4yo was called in to do this battle one week before the release date.
  • Mat4yo only wrote 2 parts of his entire verse. One line is structuraly obvious, but the other is the line referencing Paul Blart.
  • This is the third battle in a row where Mat4yo's eyes are covered.
  • This is the third time Mat4yo has rapped over this particular beat in a rap battle.
  • This is the first employee (guard) to actually reference some person, instead of a employee.

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