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Marshall Mathers vs. Slim Shady
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The Battle of Alter-Egos


Nathan Provost as Slim Shady

TewZen as Marshall Mathers



Slim Shady:
Now will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
and show this litte bitch Marshall that his ass is bout to get fucked
I'm the one who makes you so insane in the membrane
And it all because of me that you got all the fame
So all aboard, hop in my Elevator so I can take you to the top
Just to cut the cable so I can diss you out while we drop
as we fall the way down to the basement while youre screamin stop
I'll fuck you up worse than your life, I dare ya to call the cops

Marshall Mathers
Do the math-ers, Slim, i'll leave you scattered like Kim.
You're the bad guy, you're why I'm The Way I am
I've been cleaning out my closet, i'd rather clean out my head
I want nothing to do with this bleached-bitch who's braindead
You make me go Berzerk, what's wrong with you, Shady?
Stop messing with my head, don't even go near Hailie
You're the reason i did drugs, you're the reason i wrote "Fack"
So stand the fuck up, Slim, and don't ever come back

Slim Shady:
Let me spit some smack at your family tree,
Your father doesn't like you? He should get a load of me
And you paid all the bills for your poor dying mother?
Should have wasted all your cash for your crackhead brother
My bombs drop faster than your fans since your LP
You created me yourself! Don't be mad just 'cause you wanna be me
I'll toss your ass 8 miles, crack your head like a CD
Tried to get rid of me, but it feels so empty Without Me!

Marshall Mathers:
You ain't a part of me, and never will be! You catchin my drift?
The image you're reperesenting is pathetic, i'd rather have Ken Kaniff
All you do is rap as many references as you can
You make me wanna kill myself, Slim, call me Stan!
Wait a minute.... who the hell are you, i think i'm going insane,
With this haunted alter ego that is living in my brain,
I think i'll just quit this endless career of pain,
That's it! I'm giving up music and changing my name....



Who Won?

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