Max Payne
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Character Information
Birth name Max Payne
Born 1969
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Based On
Max Payne Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In John Marston vs Niko Bellic (Remake)
Vs John Marston Niko Bellic Jimmy Hopkins and James Earl Cash
Release Date July 22, 2014
Votes on Website 15 (15% of votes)
Location(s) The Mansion
Max Payne battled John Marston, Niko Bellic, Jimmy Hopkins and James Earl Cash is John Marston vs.Niko Bellic (Remake). He was portrayed by Mat4yo

Information on the Rapper Edit

Max Payne is the main protagonist and playable character in Rockstar's Max Payne series of video games. He is an American police detective who goes on anearly unstoppable, relentless killing spree against felons, spanning a number of nights, all the while looking for truth to mysteries he finds in his life but mercilessly bringing death to all those who ever caused him pain.

Lyrics Edit

Verse 1: Edit

Stop talking, Cash, you kill people because your family's gone.

Let me make this quick people, and then this battle will be done.

My painkillers are at full Max, so you better start running.

Because my game is the one that helps the company with funding.

I’m a cop, bitches, and I’m putting you all under arrest.

I'm an unescapable detective with access to your address.

Max Payne is number one boys, I'm a slo-mo mo-fo.

After I shoot you down with this one bullet, say hello to my daughter Rose.

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