Oliver Twist appears in the 37th ERBParodies rapping against Richie Rich


Verse 1

Oliver Twist
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Character Information
Birth name Oliver Twist
Nickname(s) None
First Appearance Charles Dickens - Oliver Twist, 1838
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Oliver Twist vs Richie Rich
Vs Richie Rich
Release Date March 17, 2014
Votes on Wiki 6%
Location(s) Street

I'm gonna rip your spoiled arms right out of their sockets!

So prepare to feel the wrath of this orphan pick-pocket

You better hurl with all your cash, jewels and pearls

'cause you wouldn't even last one day in the real world!

Who the hell is Richie Rich? Nobody's heard of this little shit!

I'm a legend, feel my fist, you can't beat Oliver Twist

They told me not to swear, guess I'm a bad boy, but truly

Roger Ebert was lying when he said people enjoyed your movie.

Verse 2

Sure, my parents are dead, yet they still care more for me

Why am I hearing complaining from a kid with his own Mickey D's?

I'm doing things you'd never expect, call me Oliver Plot Twist

I haven't puked so hard since I saw Richie Rich's Christmas Wish

You leech of your parents money while I'm a self made man

Who doesn't need to listen to anybody and does whatever he plans!

I may not have food, I may not have a home

But you'll just forever be known as the kid from Home Alone!

Trivia Edit

  • The "penny" Oliver Twist held up wasn't actually a British penny, it was a Europian cent.