Peter Jackson
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Zander Kanack as Peter Jackson
Character Information
Birth name Peter Robert Jackson
Nickname(s) Peter Jackson
Born 31 October 1961
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Based On
Peter Jackson Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In M. Night Shyamalan vs Ed Wood
Vs M.Night Shyamalan
Ed Wood
Tim Burton
Alfred Hitchcock
Release Date June 9, 2014
Votes on Website 3 (5.77% of votes)
Location(s) Middle Earth
Peter Jackson fought M.Night Shyamalan, Ed Wood, Tim Burton and Alfred Hitchcock in M. Night Shyamalan vs Ed Wood. He was played be WoodenHornets.

Information on the Rapper Edit

Peter Jackson is an american film director, most famous for directing the lord of the rings trilogy, the hobbit trilogy and King Kong.

Lyrics Edit

verse 1: Edit

After Earth? Please, I'm the God of Middle Earth!

And my movies make more money than all 4 of you are worth.

If you think you could stand a chance against me you're terribly wrong,

Because in not too long, I'll make you fall harder than King Kong!

I've seen all of your works, and it makes me "Brain Dead".

I just might die of renal Alfred!

YOU SHALL NOT PASS! I've already gained my victory!

Hell, I make nerds wet their pants more than Stan Lee!... Stanley!

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