Private Ryan
Character Information
Birth name James Francis Ryan
Nickname(s) Private Ryan
First Appearance July 24, 1998
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Based On
Matt Damon Private Ryan
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Private Ryan vs Nikolai Belinski
Vs Nikolai Belinski
Release Date June 30, 2013
Votes on Wiki 69%
Location(s) Mountains

Private James Francis Ryan battled Nikolai Belinski in Private Ryan vs Nikolai Belinski. He was portrayed by Justin and was voiced by Nathan Provost.

Information on the RapperEdit

Private James Francis Ryan is a PFC who served for the 101st Airborne Division in the Baker Company, 1st Battalion 506th PIR. He was the youngest sibling of the Ryan's. His older brothers were Daniel Ryan, Peter Ryan and Sean Ryan. 


Verse 1:Edit

Calm your Russian ass down, I ain't a zombie, you know?

I'm Ryan, Belinski, and I'm here to steal the show. 

You're a stupid alcoholic, so you better run and hustle. 

At least I have friends to get saved by, you've been chosen for your muscles. 

I killed more Jerries in a day then you've killed zombies in a year. 

When the zombie dogs come 'round, your black heart gets filled with fear. 

I'm not an ordinary private, Nick, all your money got stolen.

You're a Russian prick, with a small dick, getting down with Richtofen!

Verse 2:Edit

Hear that Nikolai? The beat's slowing down,

'Cause I don't need no sound to kick your ass outta town.

Man, you're so cool killing all your wives.

I was a hero who got unlucky while saving millions of lives.

We'll set you up like we did to the half-track of Germans.

I can bet my family all your wives look like Cindy Sherman.

You just lost this battle like you lost every game.

I'll give you such a hard beating, you'll never forget my name!

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