Richard Simmons
Bandicam 2015-01-16 12-09-43-085
Ivo Hora (MCGamingFTW) as Richard Simmons
Character Information
Birth name Milton Teagle Simmons
Nickname(s) Richard Simmons
Born July 12, 1948
New Orleans, Louisiana
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Based On
Richrad Simmons Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Richard Simmons vs David Hasselhoff
Vs David Hasselhoff
Release Date April 2,2014
Votes on Website N/A
Location(s) The Gym

Richard Simmons Battled David Hasselhoff

Information on the rapper Edit

Milton Teagle Simmons (born July 12, 1948),[1] better known as Richard Simmons, is an American fitness personality and actor. Simmons promotes weight-loss programs, prominently through his Sweatin' to the Oldies line of aerobics videos and is known for his eccentric, flamboyant, and energetic personality. Simmons began his weight-loss career by opening a gym called Slimmons in Beverly Hills, California, catering to the overweight, and he became widely known through exposure on television and through the popularity of his consumer products. He is often parodied and is a frequent guest of late night television talk shows, such as the Late Show with David Letterman. Simmons continues to promote health and has broadened his activities to include political activism, notably in support of a bill mandating non-competitive physical education in public schools as a part of the "No Child Left Behind" Act.[2][3]


Verse 1:

Judging by all your wives, how can your surfboard stand?

Your career is as trashed as your failed garage band

Your bathing suit's so tight, I don't wanna see what's in there

Just know, I rap harder than your nipples in the winter

Your muscles keep on flexing, while I'm running so majestic

I've had a damn succesful life, Davie, so just respect it

I'll leave you hoffing, without a hassel, before you can do anything to me

Your career went down the drain, and into the SpongeBob Movie

Verse 2:

Work it, work it! Feel the burn of just my disses

Quit showing off your pecks, and listen to how I spit this

I'm selling VHS's by the dozens, your fans left you abandoned

You're a lunatic lifegaurd! Try to find a beach that isn't stranded

You better Baywatch yourself, I'm spitting more than you can chew

The only action you got as an old man was a sponge riding you

It's curtains for you, Hasselballs, it's time that we all cheer!

Now twist, turn, stretch and get the fuck out of here.

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