Saint Valentine
Valentine title card
MaNCHA as Saint Valentine
Character Information
Birth name Saint Valentine
Nickname(s) Saint Valentine of Rome
Born Traditionally 269
Terni, Italy
Died N/A
Physical description
Hair Varies
Eyes Varies
Based On
Saint Valentine Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Saint Nicholas vs Saint Valentine
Vs Saint Nicholas
Santa Claus
Release Date Febuary 28, 2015
Votes on Website TBD
Location(s) A Church
This martyr's got ardor! More than thy!
— Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine battled Saint Nicholas, preceding Cupid and Santa Claus, in Saint Nicholas vs Saint Valentine. He was portrayed by MaNCHA.

Information on the rapperEdit

Saint Valentine, officially known as Saint Valentine of Rome, is a widely recognized third-century Roman saint commemorated on February 14th and associated since the High Middle Ages with a tradition of courtly love.

All that is reliably known of the saint commemorated on February 14th is his name and that he was martyred and buried at a cemetery on the Via Flaminia close to the Milvian bridge to the north of Rome on that day. It is uncertain whether Saint Valentine is to be identified as one saint or the conflation of two saints of the same name. Several different martyrologies have been added to laterhagiographies that are unreliable.

Because so little is known of him, in 1969 the Roman Catholic Church removed his name from the General Roman Calendar, leaving his liturgical celebration to local calendars.


Verse 1:Edit

Who am I? Saint Valentine! I think I've arrived in the Nick of time!

Bishop playing you like a pawn! This martyr's got ardor! More than thy!

Wonderwork your way out of here! Don't patronize me! You don't have a clue!

Someone's got a foot fetish, putting gifts in little children's shoes!

I'll Kringle you, Kris, leave you dissed with one touch.

You call yourself Sinterklaas? DESITE! You're not even Dutch!

I'll seizure victory from you, Holy Heirarch! Enough is enough!

'Cause I'm the more impressive saint representing winter months!

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