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Sam's Club Employee is one of the rappers who appeared in Walmart vs Target. Played by ChaoticRapBattles (audio) and Froggy (video), this employee is a employee of Sam's Club. He battled a Walmart Employee, a Target Employee and many others.


You can call me Sam's Club, bitch, I got the ultimate deals

Crushing you puny punks with my bulk, leave you in rubble, for reals

I'll put your ass on blast, you two marts and shit, selling everything on clearance just to market it

I'll start a fit with wits, so let me target this, you motherfuckers should know never to come at this

And GameStop, get real, what's with your shitty ass trades?

I'm attracting buying customers, leave all your stores deserted for days

And what's your giraffe ass gonna do? Splash me with a water gun?

You're just a Toys R' Us Bitch, insert pedophile pun


  • This is the first employee to have someone to the audio, and another for the video.

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