Si Robertson
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Nathan Provost as Si Robertson
Character Information
Birth name Silas Merritt Robertson
Nickname(s) Si Robertson
Born April 27, 1948

Vivian, Louisiana, U.S.

Physical description
Hair White
Eyes Hazel
Based On
Si Robertson Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Hank Hill vs Duck Dynasty
Vs Hank Hill
Release Date June 29, 2014
Votes on Website 7/22
Location(s) The Field
Willie Robertson battled against Hank Hill alongside Willie Robertson in Hank Hill vs Duck Dynasty. He was portrayed by Nathan Provost

 Information on the Rapper Edit

Silas Merritt "SiRobertson (born April 27, 1948), often referred to as Uncle Si, is an American television personality, preacher, hunter, outdoorsman, retired U.S. Armysoldier, and duck-call maker at Duck Commander. He is best known for his role on A&E's Duck Dynasty, on which he has emerged as the breakout character.[1] He has also appeared on other shows such as the Outdoor Channel's Buck Commander and The Duckmen of Louisiana.


Verse 1Edit

it's a fact, Jack, we'll double team to spit hard at you

I've eaten 'coon crap that tasted better than your barbeque

It doesn't take a Boggle tournament just to know that we beat ya.

Your chances of winning are as narrow as your urethra.

Verse 2Edit

Hey, hey, hey we'll push this king off his hill

Our rhymes are cooler than my iced tea, so prepare to feel a chill!


Lemme tell you the story about how we kicked Hank's ass out of Texas!