Upon whom the rapper is based on

Sidney Crosby battled Terry Fox in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 31. He was played by LazySundayPaper.

Information on the RapperEdit

Sidney Crosby is a Canadian professional ice hockey player who currently serves as captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League (NHL). Crosby was drafted first overall by the Penguins out of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL). During his two-year major junior career with the Rimouski Océanic, he earned back-to-back CHL Player of the Year awards and led his club to the 2005 Memorial Cup final. Nicknamed "The Next One", he was one of the most highly regarded draft picks in hockey history, leading many to refer to the 2005 Draft Lottery as the "Sidney Crosby Sweepstakes".


Verse 1:Edit

Oh Fantastic Mr. Fox, I don't mean to pull your leg

But this battle will end like your running at Thunder Bay

You can't beat me, might as well give up hope of trying

At least when I achieved fame, I wasn't sick and dying

I'm the centre position, greatest player of all time

And I'll cost you an arm and a leg when I school you in rhyme

I use a hockey stick to play, you need one just to walk

Limp away, Terrance; the puck's about to drop

Verse 2:Edit

This is coming from the man who failed at basketball

NH-Hell, is it even possible for you to run a lap without a fall?

Take one step closer, I'll amputate you with rhyme

Break a leg buddy, we're going into overtime

Let us not tarry in this Marathon of Pain

I've achieved more than you and I'm not even in the Hall of Fame

This hurting will never stop, so you better leg it

This whole country supported you and you still couldn't make it