Smile Dog

WoodenHornets as the Smile Dog

Nightmare Smile

WoodenHornets as the Nightmarish Smile Dog


This is the Smile spread the word!


The Nightmarish version of Smile Dog!

Smile Dog battled Slender ManJeff the Killer, Hoody & Masky, Eyeless Jack, SCP-173, BEN, MissingNO, and Zalgo in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 23. He was played by WoodenHornets.

Information on the RapperEdit

Smile Dog is a creepypasta about a floppy disk that contains an image of an smiling Siberian Husky. Viewing it is extremely dangerous since it brings nightmares that will drive you crazy. If you don't send this image to a another person, the dog will change into a more demonic version and the nightmares will get worse and it will drive you to insanity! The only way to stop it is to "spread the word" or...commit suicide...


Smile Dog:

Spread the word, you bitches lost to this number one dog.

you pussies are only scary because you hide in the fog.

Meanwhile, I'll restyle you hostile pedophiles to jump miles! 

Get ready, cause you assholes are gonna see a hell of a smile!

I can't understand how you pussies are considered horror.

A twig, a child, pathetic twins and a sightless explorer.

You can't beat me. I'm more badass than you all combined.

All five of you could never handle this demonic canine!


  • Smile Dog was actually going to battle SCP-173 first and he would be played by Justin's dog. In the end that battle got scrapped, but both Smile Dog and SCP-173 appeared in this battle instead.