Squidward's Suicide battled Eyeless JackLaughing Jack and many other creepypastas in Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack. He was voiced by Justin Buckner.

About the RapperEdit

Squidward's Suicide is an episode of Spongebob Squarepants made by an unknown author. In the episode, Squidward plays at a concert, but is booed off the stage. After this, he sobs uncontrollably at home until he puts a shotgun in his mouth and kills himself. He is one of the original lost episode creepypastas.

Squidward's Suicide

Upon whom the rapper is based

Lyrics: Edit

Barnacle heads, be quiet, I wanna work on my art!

You call yourselves creepypastas but you lack the creepy part

Bunnicula’s efforts to be frightening will all be in vain

You can say what you want, I went out like Kurt Cobain!

Be gone, just DO IT! Spit an improper diss, I'll SHOOT IT!

I blasted a fantastic symphony that night, and THEY KNEW IT!

I'm playing a deadly melody even when I’m deceased!

This battle’s reached its sonata, and I can rest in peace


  • Squidward's Suicide is represented by a still picture, rather than an actor.

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