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Actor Information
Birth name Joe
Physical description
Hair Orange
Eyes Brown
Appearance Information
Appeared In Varies
As Varies
Joe is ginger youtuber who is a funny guy and video game player.


Born in a year at a place during a time on a day SuperCoolguyjoe was BORN!!!! The world was greeted with an amzing birth of a boy. He created his channel in 2010 because his friend NitrixMusic told him to. He made his first video in 2011 and then took him 3 years just to get 100 subscribers. While derpy he is a supercoolguy...Joe. MCGamingFTW introduced him to ERBParodies and ever since ERBP added another sexy man to their sexy train. Now after reading this you must go to his youtube channel and subscribe. 


Proffessor Oak------>

Roy Earle---->

Target ----->

Guy getting killed in bed by Freddy Krueger-------->