Matthew Thomas
Character Information
Birth name Matthew Thomas
Nickname(s) SuperThingsOnCups
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Nathan Provost vs Justin Buckner
Vs None
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Location(s) Green background
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About Edit

Matthew Thomas (born January 18, 2002) is an American rapper, artist, and Youtuber. He raps, acts, and does cameos, and he rapped in Bronies vs Trekkies. He has 3 channels on Youtube, and has been making videos since 2009, at age 7.

His Rap Battle Series Edit

He founded and works on three rap battle series.

He founded Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons February 2013. Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons is a rap battle series where cartoon characters have a rap battle together. Their first battle was Twilight Sparkle vs Mordecai, their latest video is Donald Duck vs Daffy Duck, and their most viewed video is Squidward's Suicide vs Dead Bart.

He also founded Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta on July 15th 2013, he currently works on the series with Frenzy. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta is where Creepypastas rap against each other in a rap battle, The Series Premiere was Slenderman vs The Rake, their latest video is The Rake vs BOB, and their most viewed video is Sonic.exe vs MARIO.

He also founded SuperThingsOnCups Rap Battles on February 1st, 2014. SuperThingsOnCups Rap Battles is Thomas's main channel rap battle series where he does rap battles he wants to do, he decides, not the commenters. The first rap battle was Bob Army vs Google Plus, and his most view video is R.L. Stine vs Mr.Creepypast. After the battle IceKingFan400 vs Jared S. 2 was released, the series was renamed Rap Duel. No battles from Rap Duel have been release yet, though a video of sneak peaks and hints was uploaded on his channel.

Before Rap Battles Edit

Before most of Thomas's content being Rap Battles, he did sketches, YouTube Poops, plushy videos, and other videos.

His first rap battle was on his SuperThingsOnCups channel , it was Hal Jordan vs Finn The Human (which is now deleted).

Cameo Lyrics Edit

Nathan Provost vs Justin Buckner Edit

Join eHarmony!


Season 1 Edit

Mobster #4 (Tony Montana vs Al Capone)

Season 2 Edit

Himself (Nathan Provost vs Justin Buckner)

Rusty Galloway (Vault Boy vs Cole Phelps 2)

Dracula (Billy the Kid vs John Wayne)

Dampe (Slenderman vs Jeff The Killer)

Peter Griffin

Brony #3 (Bronies vs Trekkies

Homeless Guy (Walmart vs Target)

Mother Nature Hater (Mother Nature vs Father Time)

Season 3 Edit

Mario (video) (Shigeru Miyamoto Vs. Gabe Newell)

Aerobics Man #3 (Richard Simmons vs David Hasselhoff)

Jimmy Hopkins. (John Marston vs Niko Bellic)

Bobby Hill (Hank Hill vs Duck Dynasty)

Williamson (John Marston vs Niko Bellic)

Roman Bellic (John Marston vs Niko Bellic)

MARIO (Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack)

Grown-Up (Cameo) (Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack)

Kid (Cameo) (Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack)

Season 4 Edit

Villager #1 (The Sims vs Animal Crossing)

Augustus Gloop (SCRAPPED) (Jay Gatsby vs Christian Grey)


  • He one of the youngest members in ERBParodies
  • He's undeniably had the most cameos to date.
  • In Jerry Springer vs Maury Povich in the background there is a poster that says WANTED FOR BAD GUEST STARS (with his face on it)
  • He started YouTube at the youngest age (started at age 7) than anyone else in ERBParodies
  • In his own rap battle series he made two rap battles involving squeakers and other annoyances to the community thus being the first to make a rap battle a diss track of sorts.

Characters Edit

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