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Ep 1:Darth vader vs Clones evil!START! Darth:yo,clones to drive myself drug you i am  gonna  read a book!Clone 1:LOL!Hey,vader **** you! You may be the dark lord but,we running the movies!Clone 2:yO,BOBBY Z,you take that off you also,dressed up for halloween!I even do!For 15 years!YO!.Darth Vader:Well,did Sith tell ya,you are dead!Clone 3:no we ain,t!You gay ************!You,fucked my fam,s!Now,you watch BLUE BLOODS and see an woman and call and mess her up!Darth:yo,cloners!I know you freaks,are like evil and all.but,you know all about goods!I killed ******s like,y,all!Now finish this rhyme,yo!........Boba Fett:Yo,gay fucks!You shot yo self!So,i am finishing thiis move!I am gonna fuck you up!Ow!!.Clone 55:What the fuck?! you whatting moy lowdogs hate ya!Darth vader:well fuck you motherfuckers I do not need ya!WHO WON PART 1 !

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