Anthony Perry(AKA TheSuperPlushyBros) is a reoccurring guest star in ERBParodies. He hasn't had any rapping roles in ERBParodies, but has rapped in other series' such as Cartoon Made Rap Battles, SuperThingsOnCups Rap Battles, and others. He also has his own series that is not rapping, which features Mario plush toys going on adventures in various ways. He also has a his own rap battle series called: Epic Rap Battles of Extreme


Danny Elfman (cameo) (Ed Wood VS M Night Shyamalan)

Liam (video) (Harry Styles VS Paul McCartney 2)

Ringo Starr (video) (Harry Styles VS Paul McCartney 2)

Herobrine (video) (Eyeless Jack VS Laughing Jack)

SCP (video) (Eyeless Jack VS Laughing Jack)

The Rake (video) (Eyeless Jack VS Laughing Jack)

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