The Midnight Man battled Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack and many other creepypastas in Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack. He was portrayed by Justin Buckner and voiced by HarryPotter2875.

O homem da meia noite

Justin Buckner as the Midnight Man.

Lyrics: Edit

Do not turn on the lights during the Midnight Game

Do not use a flashlight during the Midnight Game

Do not go to sleep during the Midnight Game

And don't attempt to use another's blood for your name!.

If you think you’re gonna beat me, you’re lost in your dreams

Purifying crappypastas like you is just ritual for me

Walk your little game, Herobrine, I bask in the tears of the damned

I'm an embodiment of faith, your fate’s in my hands!
Midnight Man

Who the rapper is based on

Take a blood sample, make a case of the proxy behind the screen

You can’t see I’ll be cackling at the deaths of these teens

Until the clock strikes twelve, you’re in my realm, no escape

Darkness you can’t handle, light your candle, pray for the day!


  • The Midnight Man shown in the video is actually based on the incorrect depiction of the character.

    The Midnight Man