The Skin Taker

DarkLink4749 as The Skin Taker

Character Information
Birth name The Skin Taker
First Appearance Candle Cove (1971)
Physical description


Eyes None
Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack


Release Date August 9, 2014
Votes on Official Poll 1%
Location(s) Stage

The Skin Taker battled Eyeless JackLaughing Jack and many other creepypastas alongside Pirate Percy and Horrace Horrible in Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack. He was portrayed by DarkLink4749.

Information on the rapperEdit

He is a skeleton with glass eyes, which are too big for his sockets. He wears a tophat and cape made from his victim's skin. Most noticeably, he has a jaw which can only move side to side. He mentions that his jaw moves this way to grind skin.

He does not seem to acknowledge skinning his victims as cruel or evil. He actually seems to think he's doing them a favour. The Skin-Taker believes being dead is a different version of being alive, as he speaks of the dead as if they were still alive. As a matter of fact, he rarely has any sympathy for the living, but plenty for the dead.


Light the candle on this Candle Cove, Skin Taker has arrived!

I want you to scream in my studio, so go inside!

I’ve been investigated by tons, you’re the Laughingstock of me!

Don’t touch your remote yet, ‘cause here’s Pirate Percy!

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