The Wuz Shady Filmmaker
The Wuz Shay Flimmaker Based On
Actor Information
Birth name Michael Currenti
The Parospectah
The PaRoSpEcTaH
Michael Cuntitty
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Appearance Information
Appeared In Jack the Ripper vs Jeff the Killer
Matt Groening vs Seth MacFarlane
John Marston vs Niko Bellic (Remake)
Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack
As Murder victim
Bart Simpson
Jimmy Hopkins (voice)
The Galaxy's Planet Named Z
Ronald Reagan
Ronald McDonald

Michael Currenti, also known by the names TheWuzShadyFilmmaker, The Parospectah, and ParoThese, is a rapper and YouTuber.

Appearances in ERBPEdit

  • Murder victim (cameo)
  • Bart Simpson (cameo)
  • Jimmy Hopkins (audio only)
  • The Galaxy's Planet Named Z (talking during the Who Was Phone verse)
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Ronald McDonald

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