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The Flash:The man who is fastest in dark is a loser,yo Peace out!Batman:Your an asshole your thinking like an bully!4$ as me in a core you think your the fastest loser alive your alive but,you don't rhyme shit!Nightwing:Your all named after a sex move,Bitches!Your all really shitty,But y'all love your dicks!.Batman:Shut the fucks up,homie! Your all shitty I kick the son of a bitch off the screen!Joker:Ow!.Batman:Night wing your name is DICK! Your a bitch now stick this up and Flash.....Your named after a dirty fucking move Son of a bitch!Flash:Yo,your a bitch batty! You Dick grayson you whine in your sagas!now shut the fuck up!Annocer:Who Won,Who,s next you decide!

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