Nathan Provost as Ticci Toby

Ticci Toby battled Eyeless JackLaughing Jack and many other creepypastas in Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack. He was portrayed by Froggy and Voiced by Nathan Provost


They call me Ticci Toby, not like you’d c-care that much

Once I’m done talking to myself, I’ll blow steam on you punks!

You think you're creepy? This twitching kid don’t give two shits!

I’ll kill you all off and feed you to the ticks!
Bloodyeahawesome by fatal impurity-d68cgnf

Whom the rapper is based on

Stop acting like you’re hot when you’re colder than the rain

How can you damage me? I’m fucking immune to all pain!

Don’t even try to diss me or your life will be at stake

You picking on the retarded kids is the last mistake you’ll ever make!

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