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Toys R' Us Employee is one of the rappers who appeared in Walmart vs Target. Played by LazySundayPaper, this employee is a employee of Toys R' Us. He battled a Walmart Employee, a Target Employee and many others.


KKKKKKK, yeah, shut the heck up and park it

Go back to your clan, and step out of the black market

I only have to open up my doors and the children come flooding in,

You break, you buy, so you better get on your ass, and start cleaning

You close your shop at 11 to have a break, I'm open all night,

The only time I'd be a customer is to tell you I'm always right

I may be Toys R Us, but this battle belongs to me!

Screw Target and the 'marts, I make little kids happy!


  • Toys R' Us employees usually dress in red, but this one isn't dressing red. He is the first employee to not follow his dressing code. He may be wearing yellow because it is a reference to thier giraffe mascot, the Target employee was already wearing red or LazySundayPaper did not have a red shirt.
    Toys r us giraffe

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