Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam Title Card
HarryPotter2875 as Uncle Sam
Character Information
Birth name ?Sam?
Nickname(s) US

Uncle Sam

Physical description
Hair White
Eyes Brown
Based On
Uncle Sam Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Captain America vs Uncle Sam
Vs Captain America
Release Date July 4, 2014
Votes on Website 19 (59% of votes)
Location(s) American Flag
Uncle Sam battled Captain America in Captain America vs Uncle Sam, where he was portrayed by HarryPotter2875.

Information on the Rapper Edit

Uncle Sam is a fictional character used to personify America. He was first created in 1917 to encourage Americans to join the army and fight it the war. He was based off the British Lord Kitchener, who had been seen doing the same pose, a few years prior.

Lyrics: Edit

Verse 1:

I want you to shut the fuck up, Steve Roger that? Got it? Good

You better prepare yourself, I'll burn your Winter Soldier like firewood

You're just a fake stupid pansy in tights, you bet you oughta be scared of me

You don't wanna step to me, I pack more meat than Ron Jeremy

You fight crime? Great, but the only offense I see is your rapping, son

I'm winning this fight, you're coming up shorter than James Madison

My rhymes fly and blow up, get ready for my lyrical missiles

You say that you're the patriotic one? Just look at my initials!

Verse 2:

Is that what you expect? For me to panic and start fleeing?

You're forgetting something, Steven, you're a normal human being

Sure, you're stronger than can be, but I don't care about your gimmick

You aren't meant for rap, leave and get your ass to the Olympics

Swing your little shield around, you crazy muscled monkey

Step off, I come backed with the respect of a whole country

I'll smack you red, black and blue, without a single doubt

Take a step into my slaughterhouse and you won't be coming out!

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