Walgreen's Employee is one of the rappers who appeared in Walmart vs Target. Played by MCGamingFTW, this employee is a employee of Walgreen's. He battled a Walmart Employee, a Target Employee and many others.


Alright motherfuckers, welcome to Walgreen's

I'm the dopest pharmacy store, that you've done ever seen

I have a hell load of customers, but enough time to fuck you up.

I'll diss every aspect of you, from Wal-Fart to Gay-Stop

What would you guys be without me? Just one pile of shit

My service is twenty times faster, just go on and live with it

We bring pills, ointments and plasters in all kinds of colors

I'll bury you all alive with this shovel, only twenty-five dollars


  • The second person to not wear his dress code.
  • The third person (that is supposed) to wear blue.

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