Yugi Moto

Yugi muto title card

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Froggy as Yugi Moto
Character Information
Birth name Yugi Moto
Nickname(s) Yami
Born June 4
Physical description
Hair Purple Black and Blonde
Eyes Purple
Based On

Yugi Muto Based On

Yami Based On

Rap Battle Information
Appeared In King Tut vs Yugi Muto

Ash Ketchum vs Gary Oak

Vs King Tut
Release Date January 22,2015
Votes on Website TBD
Location(s) Battle City (Yugi)

Shadow Realm (Yami)

Yugi Muto/Yami battled against King Tut in King Tut vs Yugi Muto. Yugi Muto was played by froggy and Yami was portrayed by Froggy and voiced by VideoGameRapBattles Hi was also mentioned by Gary Oak in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 18. And appeared in the Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 4 Trailer

Information on the Rapper Edit

Yugi Moto is the protagonist of the manga and anime series Yu-Gi-Oh!. He is a young boy whose body becomes inhabited by the spirit of an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh named Atem when he completes the Millennium Puzzle, also known in the English manga as Dark Yugi. Yugi's main defining trait in the manga is that he has an extreme fondness for games of all kinds, and his alter-ego Dark Yugi is a master gamer and gambler, often referred to in the manga as Game King. He first starts off as a vigilante; using the powers given to a Millennium Item wielder, he challenges bullies and criminals to occult judgment games called Shadow Games and enforces Penalty Games on them when they lose, dark punishments that may or may not result in death. A defining character moment for him (in the manga) is when he stops using them, instead challenging those who abuse these powers for their own selfish gain in his search to uncover his lost memories.

Lyrics Edit

Verse 1: Edit

Tutan, Khamun! if you really want to duel,

I’ll activate my trap card under your bejeweled stool!

My friends give me strength, believe in the heart of the cards.

A mummy broken as you isn't worthy of my graveyard!

Verse 2: Edit


[Yugi transforms into Yami]

Yami: Edit

Of all your tall tales there’s one thing I trust:

Your discoveries proved that you are nothing but a bust!

It's time to duel! I'm the king of Games!

and your the off-spring of an incestuous tomb-raid!

You claim that you reign, but now I’ve been summoned,

and I'll leave you puzzled for millenniums coming!

Your life points are low, you're getting overwhelmed.

You just got Yu-Gi-Owned, and sent to the Shadow Realm!

Cameo Appearances Edit

Yugi Moto made a cameo appearance in Ash Ketchum vs Gary Oak during the Gary line: "you're a rip off Yugi hell, maybe even more homo"


  • He was shown in the season 4 trailer.

At ERBParodies Facebook was given a hint

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